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Trailer for Xavier Dolan’s Cannes sensation, Mommy

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First look at Xavier Dolan’s Mommy

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Thanks to Paddy at ScreenOnScreen for catching the first clip from Mommy, after the cut.

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Xavier Dolan’s Cannes acceptance speech

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Xavier Dolan’s speech upon winning the Jury Prize at Cannes for his film Mommy was the most emotional moment of the ceremony. Without a clip to show his expressiveness the words may lose a little impact — but very little. “To Jane Campion: The Piano is the first film I watched when I asked my stepmother at 16, ‘What should I watch?’ Your Piano made me want to write roles…


Mommy – Xavier Dolan’s Breathtaking, Revisionist Coming of Age

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As the Cannes Film Fest nears its close, one of the last major films to screen in competition is Xavier Dolan’s latest, teasingly called Mommy. Exuberant, unpredictable, and unconventional, Mommy pulls you into a corrupt relationship between mother and son which has long since ceased being a healthy one. This is not unfamiliar territory for the 25-year-old filmmaker, who seems endlessly obsessed with the oppressive, irresistible icon of Mother. Even…