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In DEMOLITION, a successful investment banker, Davis (Jake Gyllenhaal), struggles after losing his wife in a tragic car crash. Despite pressure from his father-in-law (Chris Cooper) to pull it together, Davis continues to unravel. What starts as a complaint letter ...

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When Naomi Watts was nominated by the Screen Actors Guild the pundits kind of giggled and twittered about it being a major coup by the Weinstein Co. to bring an out of nowhere performance onto the Oscar stage. But really, ...
Naomi Watts at J. Edgar Premiere in Los Angeles

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JustJared reports that there has been “talks” for Naomi Watts to possibly star in The Birds remake. Thank Christ Michael Bay is not directing the reboot, but instead it will be Diederik Van Rooijen. Supposedly this version will not adhere ...

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Is it wrong for me to think Robin Wright has the most interesting role in House of Cards, not Kevin Spacey? Wrong for me to feel Naomi Watts is more compelling in Eastern Promises than Viggo Mortensen? These two women ...

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(thanks Rick!) This embed makes the page load slowly, so we’ll put it after the cut.

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Over the past couple of days, the cast roster for Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu’s comedy Birdman has been quickly inked in. Michael Keaton, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts and Zach Galifianakis are all set to appear in a film that sounds almost ...

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Moms I Like to Feature. Remember when there was talk Naomi Watts might be nominated for Mother and Child? And this year we watched her rise again in the Oscar ranks as another Mother with extraordinary attachment to her son. ...

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When Emmanuelle Riva won the BAFTA for Best Actress it underscored what we’ve been saying for years — that you have to go all the way to France to find storytellers who are willing to contemplate the idea of women ...

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From TIME:

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The Hollywood Reporter has put up their Best Actress roundtable. So far, they’ve done the writers and actors so now they add the actresses – lead and supporting. Marion Cotillard, Naomi Watts, Helen Hunt, Sally Field, Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams and Rachel Weisz. ...

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Kris Tapley, who has seen The Impossible, said he walked away thinking Naomi Watts had the best chance in the film for a nod. This is hard to believe, looking at the film’s trailer, because it gives the definite impression ...

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High-res images after the cut.

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Choice NYTimes pull-quotes by lefty liberal-leaning Maureen Down at her progressive propaganda pulpit from your suspicious Socialist sympathizers at Awards Daily. Republicans are gearing up to start re-sliming Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson when “Fair Game,” the movie based ...
Fair GAme

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Wrestling the Oscar beast is no easy task. Everyone does their best in the first part of the season to get some kind of foothold on it. We make lists. We think everything is settled and then, wham. Things change. ...

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I left Cannes a day before seeing Doug Liman’s Fair Game, so I had no idea how good of a film it was until I screened it this evening. We do have to wait for reviews, because that will likely ...
Fair Game poster 2 sm

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The second poster for Fair Game corrects all the problems with the first one. (Disproportionate heads, fixed. Penn’s inappropriate expression, fixed. Absence of slightest clue what the movie is about, fixed.) Much better. See it full-sized after the cut.
fair game 2

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(thanks to m1)

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That headline quote is from Fair Game director Doug Liman — so naturally it’s entirely unbiased. When we ran a teaser clip last week, there were some who felt Naomi Watts gave off a chill that was overwhelmed by Sean ...

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So far, there have been no standing ovations and no loud booing. The only film that got mildly booed was the pretty awful La princesse de Montpensier. The Tavernier film was a difficult sit, despite the much-commented upon beauty of ...

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