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Very brief programming alert. Tonight and tomorrow, Sept 14-15, PBS American Experience will be airing a 2-part profile of Walt Disney. Readers on the West Coast will benefit most from this last-minute heads up, but hopefully the program will be ...

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Our friends at Fandor have created a cool digital flip book detailing an “alternative history” of the Academy Awards. In its pages, you won’t find a dry recap of the films that have won Oscar gold over the years. Instead ...
shawshank feat

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On September 10, 1994, Frank Darabont debuted The Shawshank Redemption at the Toronto Film Festival. Two weeks later it opened quietly in limited release on 33 screens “in select cities.” (“I pray to God your city has been selected,” as ...

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32 years ago today. Friday June 25, 1982. Newborn Prince William was 3 days old. Sidney Lumet was celebrating his 58th birthday. Ricky Gervais turned 21. Two movies premiered that afternoon. Blade Runner and The Thing. The top 10 movies ...

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Harper has made available a generous excerpt from William Friedkin’s newly published autobiography, The Friedkin Connection. Anyone familiar with Sidney Lumet’s memoir Making Movies will find their rat-a-tat-tat no-time-for-bullshit prose style quite similar. The Exorcist was 340 pages. A 100-page ...

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In the circle of gal pals we’re playfully calling Oscar’s Angels, I discuss with Anne, Thelma and Susan the Best Picture race.  Eventually, it got to the undeniable truth about the Oscars: they’re won by consensus. How you get to ...

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True or False: “Peter Guber has earned 50 Oscar nominations” (Answer: Number of Oscar nominations earned by Peter Guber)

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(Which of these filmmakers actually won the Oscar they’re posing with?) As already reported tonight, the Academy is discarding the lovely heartfelt tributes to each of the lead acting nominees in an effort to eliminate any genuine flavor from the ...
all about eve sm

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20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced that it will bring the 1950 classic All About Eve to Blu-ray on February 1, 2011. Nominated for 14 Oscars and winner of 6, including Best Picture and Best Director for Joseph L. ...

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Last night I made an off-the-cuff remarks about how I wouldn’t mind if the Oscars just went full retard this year, and handed out some truly gag-inducing awards to match their batch of gasp-inducing nominations. I’d much rather be a ...

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There’s a Thai saying that translates roughly as “pick your face up off the floor.” Good subtitle for this Salon montage called “And the Oscar goes to… not you.”

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THE JOKER: It’s not about money. It’s about sending a message… Well, ok. It’s a little bit about the money. Last year the sweet spot between ‘oh you poor thing’ and ‘stop showing off’ was around $40 mil. The record ...

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