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I’m sorry, everyone knows me as a pretty hard core feminist. What I’m not, though? Is one of those who erupts over chosen words. A recent article in Slate, and a really repugnant “story” has been floating around the web ...

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Lead Actor: Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything Lead Actress: Julianne Moore, Still Alice Supporting Actor: J.K. Simmons, Whiplash Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette, Boyhood These four actors have championed prizes in their respective categories from the three award shows—SAG, BAFTA, ...
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Now fully grown Ellar Coltrane, whom we all watched grow up in Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, gives a moving speech as he presents his movie parents Hawke and Arquette with the American Riviera Award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. Hawke ...

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Writer-director Richard Linklater’s latest and unique cinematic achievement is less about a 12-year production and more because of his almost seamless blend of the melodramatic and the quotidian. One doesn’t need a context to appreciate Boyhood, but the film does need ...

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Playing young parents who grow into different people over the course of twelve years, Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke are wonderful in Boyhood. Though they’re both going to be in the supporting categories, they kind of feel like leads in ...

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A while back I got the chance to interview Patricia Arquette, an actress I’ve been following for thirty years (yes, thirty). Her work has been quietly impressing me all along, though no one else seemed to really be paying attention ...

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It’s a frustrating conundrum, this Patricia Arquette thing in Boyhood. There seems to be some confusion as to whether she will go lead or supporting. When this subject comes up I always go to Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook. ...

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“He stood at the window of the empty cafe and watched the activites in the square and he said that it was good that God kept the truths of life from the young as they were starting out or else ...
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The cast and the director of Boyhood, Richard Linklater, talk the process of coming together every year for 12 years to film a movie.

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