Freelance concept poster for Inherent Vice

hey, studio focus group marketing committee — top this. Artist Alex Fellows creates a poster for Inherent Vice. Setting the bar high for whatever the studio comes up with. Full-size after the cut.
Posted On 22 Apr 2014

Brolin Hints at Plot of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice

Thanks to reader Bryce for point us to the news that Josh Brolin has let slip a few interesting tidbits from Anderson’s new film. The Film Stage got the story from Cigs & Red Vines, which got the story from The Independent. Here are a few choice quotes: “I just did a...
Posted On 01 Apr 2014

Martin Scorsese, Adam Somner being Interviewed by Paul Thomas Anderson

The other night I had the pleasure of seeing Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece, The Wolf of Wall Street, for the sixth time.  Afterwards, Paul Thomas Anderson, assistant director Adam Somner, and Martin Scorsese sat a few feet away from me for a chat. I got as much video as I...
Posted On 17 Jan 2014

Mondo mounts Paul Thomas Anderson poster series

Mondo designs are always impressive but a couple of these are especially breathtaking. They go on sale later this week.
Posted On 13 May 2013