Awards Daily Readers’ Poll Best Films of 2011

Choose your 10 favorite films of 2011, after the cut.
Posted On 31 Dec 2011

Weekly Check-In

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Posted On 25 Feb 2010

Golden Globe Poll Results

The Golden Globed Poll is still open and available for last-minute ballot stuffing, but these are the results we’ll stamp as certified. Complete breakdown in every category after the cut.
Posted On 17 Jan 2010

Poll: 2008 Oscar Hopefuls

Fierce chart you guys devised here. All the more impressive when you consider that these are the results of a poll we took on Feb 27th, three days after this year’s awards (when you were all hung over on whiskey and SunnyD). Pulled this out of the archives when I read Jason...
Posted On 20 Aug 2008