tom hardy legend

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How many movies do you see every year? I’m talking new movies and old. Some people go to the movies once a month. Some people see one a week. I’ll bet some of us here watch a movie almost every ...

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Oy!, this tiresome refrain: “it’s a weak year for the awards race…” “looks like slim pickings for the Oscars this season…”  How about consider this: If a weak year for Oscar movies is all people can extract from all the ...
actress poll

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You can choose as many as 10 actresses. The consensus will sort things out.
actor poll

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Choose up to 10 actors. May the best (or most overdue) man win.
sup actress fea

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Which actresses in supporting roles will rise above the rest?

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We’re 5 weeks away from Telluride, 6 weeks away from Toronto. Less than 45 days. As more of the top hopefuls for Best Picture are unveiled, the more we’ll be inveigled to start nailing down the locks. I love this ...
wolf of wall st 250912

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We’ll begin with 120 titles. I hope and expect to be told I’ve forgotten some that need to be added. To make this survey more manageable, I’ve tried to divide the list roughly in half. Part One holds most of ...

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We don’t know, for the second year in a row, whether there will be five or more nominees.  Voters pick five of their favorites. The Academy then counts them down using the preferential system, as they’ve done for decades.  The ...

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Melissa Silverstein has put together a list of films directed by women to counteract the BFI’s top 50 best of all time. It’s a man’s man world, baby. Only real men link to her piece, as Roger Ebert did on ...

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The Guardian has built a slide-show listing 50 movies they claim are “strong Oscar contenders.” While a dozen or so are undeniably in the running for a Best Picture nomination, the best that can be said for most others named ...

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UPDATE: after 12 hours, here’s how the first 700 voters ranked the Top 15 Gay Films of the past 3 decades. With 170 titles on the poll, check out your choices for the Top 50 GLBT Films of the past ...

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[poll id=”62″]
supporting actress previewjpg

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While many of the major categories have been dominated by early front-runners for weeks, the Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress roles have maintained a more exciting balance of neck-and-neck rivalries. Some of the biggest Oscar surprises are typically reserved for ...
screenplay poll sample

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Choose the 10 screenplays you think the Academy will nominate (not your own personal favorites). Cast your votes after the cut.
directors poll preview

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You know the drill. It’s all about which 5 directors you think the Academy will choose. Ballot after the cut.
Best Actor preview

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Plowing forward with the men now. What Would Oscar Do? Choose 5 Actors after the cut.
Best Actress preview

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Remember gang, tapping into your inner guru means forgetting about who you wish would be nominated. Try to channel the minds of Academy members to accurately predict which performances you think they’ll nominate. Choose 5 Actresses after the cut. (Have ...
poll sample

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At this point in the race, we’ve seen most of the movies (and probably already made up our minds about the ones we haven’t). If predictions are an educated guess, then here’s where to prove you’ve been studying. NOTE: This ...

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[poll id=”47″] Pump your fists or clench them for other reasons after the cut.

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With so many performances as yet unseen, betting on ponies at this point is not much more than playing favorites and backing names that tickle our fancy. But it might provide a baseline reading for assessing our guesswork 3 months ...

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