Preferential Ballot

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Good thing Steve Pond covers the Oscar race. The Wrap’s awards journo no dives right in.

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The only large voting bodies who do this are the PGA and the Oscars. That’s why there is a good chance what wins the PGA will win the Oscar. The PGA are 4,500 and the Oscar voters are around 6,000. ...

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Steve Pond, the Stephen Hawking of Oscarology, illuminates the dark art of preferential balloting at The Wrap, and enlightens us with Socratic clarity in 5 easy questions. (My favorite bit: the last paragraph of the answer to question #2). Deep ...

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This USA Today interactive graphic (based on Steve Pond’s explanation) shows how the preferential system goes about choosing a winner. Take a look. So, going by this chart – the ballots that kind of count more are the ones that ...

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