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Ben Affleck Pays Tribute to Ebert


Ben Affleck will always be tied to Ebert for all eternity. Argo was the last number one movie ever named by Ebert, predicted to win the Oscar (rightly) by Ebert, and To the Wonder was the last movie reviewed by Ebert. Kind of strange, don’t you think? Either way, here ...

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A statement from Chaz Ebert

    Faced with painful news I have a really bad tendency to fog my thoughts with mindless distractions. I wander off till the immediate distress stops stabbing my heart. It’s a defense mechanism that keeps me from losing it down dark corridors of sadness. Usually, words of consolation just ...

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Roger Ebert’s Best Ten Movie’s of 2012

Earlier this month, I sustained a hairline fracture of my left hip… That’s the bad news. The worse news is that medications have impaired my ability to write. Because there is curiosity about my list, I present this very abbreviated piece, with the promise I will later revise it, better ...

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Outguess Ebert, Win $100,000

Ebert has put both his predictions (thanks Ryan) and his Outguess Ebert contest online. ¬†I think there are more than a few smarty pants Oscar watchers out there who could make this a fair fight (“not unless we get out and swim”). ¬†GO FOR IT. ¬†In his predictions, Ebert goes ...

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Ebert’s Hereafter Rave


Ebert is someone who knows a thing or two about life and death. It isn’t just his own experience with cancer that gives him this depth; it is also his natural curiosity and profound intellect.¬† While others can sometimes rely on their same old bag of tricks, Ebert seems to ...

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Roger Ebert finds 9 reasons to hate 3D

Roger Ebert outlines 9 reasons why he hates 3D in Newsweek. Here’s an abbreviated rundown: …many directors, editors, and cinematographers agree with me about the shortcomings of 3-D. So do many movie lovers‚Äîeven executives who feel stampeded by another Hollywood infatuation with a technology that was already pointless when their ...

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A Great Thing Ebert Did

Recently, I kicked up the tinyest bit of fuss on the internets about the word “critic” used to describe what was a mix of a lot of different types of writers on a Toronto film poll. Many took that to mean, because I didn’t explain myself well enough, that I ...

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Roger Ebert bitch slaps Bill O’Reilly

Fox newsclown Billo Reilly recently named The Chicago Sun-Times to his “Hall of Shame,” a list of media outlets that “have regularly helped distribute defamatory, false or non-newsworthy information supplied by far left websites,” and recommendis a ban by readers and advertisers. Roger Ebert wastes little time handing O’Reilly his ...

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