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I happened to hear in passing someone who’d seen Unbroken in Australia. Or, rather, someone who knew someone I knew had seen it.  When I asked him to ask his friend what he thought the answer was sort of useless. ...

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I am kind of (not) amazed that the New York Post’s Kyle Smith nearly killed himself trashing (as would be expected from the right wing critic) Jon Stewart’s Rosewater. Several films this year, and every year in the modern age ...

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On, Shane Bauer writes up his experience watching Rosewater, the new film directed by Jon Stewart, starring Gael Garcia Bernal. Bauer says Stewart gets so much of what Ben Affleck’s Argo got wrong about Iranians and that Stewart’s film ...

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It occurred to me while watching Steve Carell and Jon Stewart at the Patron’s Brunch here in Telluride how far they’ve come since the early days of the Daily Show. Since then, Carell has made feature films and became known ...

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The first day of Telluride was a rough one. Most of us were doing the big three: Wild first, after the Patron’s Brunch, then taking the gondola back down, racing over to the Werner Herzog for The Imitation Game, and ...

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Jon Stewart directed Rosewater, which will be screening here at Telluride. Have a look at the trailer.

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