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There was some news that the cast of Les Miserables were going to perform at the Oscars but so far, at least in my news streams, I never got a confirmation on that. But now it is being reported that ...

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If there was any year for a Bond picture to get a whole slew of nominations, this might be it: BEVERLY HILLS, CA – The 85th Academy Awards® will include a tribute to the James Bond movie franchise, which is ...

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Over at In Contention, Kris Tapley points out in his tech support column that the movie Skyfall has three potential Oscar contenders who, between them, have a total number of 34 Oscar nominations with zero wins. Roger Deakins, 9 Oscar ...

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Lots of buzz around Skyfall – check out some early raves on Metacritic.

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Will the trademark Bond theme woven into the orchestration interfere with the song’s eligibility? Depends entirely on the whims and vagaries of the music branch, so there’s no point even speculating. Best to wait and see. We’ve enough stress on ...

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The Queen isn’t in this one. Because she came to her royal senses.

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