Life is Rough in the Slums

This story broke over the past few days with the headline “Slumdog actor beaten for refusing interview.” But the real story is a bit more complex: Azharuddin’s father Mohammed Ismial, who suffers from tuberculosis and sells cardboard to eke out a living, told...
Posted On 01 Mar 2009

Nick Hornby Calls Out the Slumdog Haters

Thanks to reader Fer for pointing us to this slamdunk response and perspective from Nick Hornby on Slumdog Millionaire, the intent of its filmmakers, and its odd position of now being on top: There’s a lot packed in here: the snobbery, the smug and unexamined assumptions, the...
Posted On 26 Feb 2009

The seeds of Slumdog’s sweep

9-13-2008, 3:00pm, ladylurks calls it for Slumdog Millionaire Can I take a minute to reflect on the past year and the truly amazing predictive powers of our readers? One of the things Sasha does that nobody really knows about or appreciates but me is keep our vast archives...
Posted On 26 Feb 2009

Slumdog Millionaire Extreme Home Makeover

From squalor to star spotting: Rubina poses with one of the film’s eight Oscars (click to enlarge) Can’t argue with last week’s conclusion that a billion dollars is better than an Oscar. This week Danny Boyle beats that deal all to heck with an offer even more...
Posted On 25 Feb 2009

Wally Pfister & Anthony Dod Mantle

(click to enlarge) Sent to me last night by Ari Presler (featured in yesterday’s post about the Slumdog Millionaire’s cinematography), Wally Pfister congratulates Anthony Dod Mantle at the ASC Awards on February 16th.
Posted On 23 Feb 2009