The Butler


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Now that Gold Derby and Vulture have both written pieces about this possibly being the whitest Oscars ever it’s time to look back once again on last year’s missed opportunities because those opportunities do come around. You know what happens ...

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It was a cold night in Santa Barbara, one of the more beautiful places on the planet. The ocean stretches out longways on your left. On your right, giant homes dot the hillside, twinkling lights within. The Kirk Douglas award ...

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My eleventh birthday was at the beginning of 1998. I remember a series of very formative years growing up, where Lenny Kravitz was a dominating force on what we didn’t know at the time was the dying breath of commercial ...

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The first big get of the season is Forest Whitaker being honored for the Kirk Douglas Award for Excellence for the upcoming Santa Barbara Film Fest.  The fest is always in the best position — just before the Oscar race ...

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2013 will end up being about a lot of things when the dust settles. It will be yet another year where most of the films in the Best Picture race are driven by the male narrative — give or take ...

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Only three Best Picture nominees have ever been number one for 3 consecutive weeks, and no black writer/director is among them. This film should hit $100 million without blinking.  Here is how dominance at the box office has helped a ...

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Now that The Butler has taken the box office for the second week in a row, on fewer screens than its competition, the speculative conversation is upon us. In a private email chat with Kris Tapley and Anne Thompson, they ...

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These days, with film criticism, there aren’t many of the good ones left. Too many film reviews now seem like they are product reviews for shampoo or an airplane seat. Very few of them really deliver the kind of in-depth ...

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The jury is still out on whether audiences will take to Lee Daniels’ The Butler. I suspect they might find in this film one of the more satisfying two hours at the movies in a good, long time.   The ...

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Oprah dances with Forest Whitaker in this new clip from Lee Daniels’ The Butler: Another clip is over at

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I think this poster is a better teaser for the film – the embargo lifts on it fairly soon so I’ll be able to give you my thoughts.

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The Butler will now be called Lee Daniels’ The Butler, kind of like Precious Based on the Novel Push by Saffire. We’ll still call it The Butler, however.  It was a good controversy to bring awareness to the film so ...

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The news piece includes a clip for the film. I can tell by watching it that a certain breed of film blogger – oh, say, aged 18 to 40, are going to love laughing at this film. My hope is ...

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I would have preferred this tagline, “back then there was only one way for a black man to get into the White House.”

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The first trailer gives you two pieces of vital info. 1) it’s distributed by The Weinstein Co. which also has Fruitvale Station. 2) it is likely to be a tearjerker. I’m not ready for how critics are going to respond ...

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Ms. Oprah just instagrammed this photo with Terrence Howard on the set of The Butler shooting their last scene.

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Oscar Watch: Today, the Weinstein Co. announced that they will distribute the Lee Daniels film, which stars Forest Whitaker, among others.  The full press release: September 24, 2012 – The Weinstein Company (TWC) announced today that they have acquired U.S. ...

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This season we have two of the nation’s most beloved Presidents hitting the big screen. First, Daniel Day-Lewis as the brilliant and beloved, gone too soon President Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Lincoln, then Bill Murray as a President so ...

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