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4 years ago

Inception: Why So Serious?

Although I missed the whole thing, apparently there was a sort of Twitter fight about whether or not the Dark Knight fan base had it in for anyone who... (Read More)

5 years ago

2008′s Best Film on HBO June 13

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eW5dZaA-_Y4[/youtube] This post brought to you by “how to irritate, alienate and annoy Awards Daily readers in under 30 seconds.” [source]

6 years ago

Old News is Good News

The Bagger points us to this story by Linda Obst appearing in the Atlantic. For us, it’s a news flash (cue the “get over it,” “move beyond it,” “[fill... (Read More)

6 years ago

Bagger Comes Around…

If only, if only. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-rkpgchJOA[/youtube] New drinking game. Every time someone writes “Get over it! The Dark Knight sucked!” That’s one. “Sasha is such a fangirl!” That’s worth a... (Read More)

6 years ago

The State of the Race: Happy Endings

Resolution, justification, redemption and an impulse to play it safe define this year’s Best Picture nominees. All five of them are safe choices, which could mean progress in certain... (Read More)

6 years ago

Hate to Disagree But…

David Carr writing for the New York Times: Sure, the big studio movie ‚ÄúThe Dark Knight‚Äù came up short, but that probably had less to do with who made... (Read More)