Leonardo DiCaprio – The Actor of the Year

Leonardo DiCaprio was the best thing about this year’s Great Gatsby. He turns in a career best performance in The Wolf of Wall Street. He has had his best year yet as an actor. But we know he will be ignored for it because he always is. A lovely piece about the two Leos...
Posted On 29 Dec 2013

Cannes review: Gatsby for a Frantic Age

Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby is not a great film. It has moments of greatness, flickering beneath the spasms, shrieks and glitter. Much of the film’s gifts lay in the singular performance of Leonardo DiCaprio as the elusive, provocative dreamer, Jay Gatsby. DiCaprio captured...
Posted On 15 May 2013

$51M for Gatsby

Talk about top-heavy box-office. The Great Gatsby has collected $51 million on its opening weekend, coming in 2nd after Iron Man 3 with $72M. On virtually the same number of screens (3500 vs 3300) Gatsby earned 10x more than the closest 3rd place opener Pain and Gain at $5M.
Posted On 12 May 2013

A.O. Scott: The Great Gatsby, Interpreted

Under the New York Times headline “Shimmying Off the Literary Mantle,” A.O. Scott reminds us that a film adaptation doesn’t always need to be a book’s conjoined twin. Especially when the book is already everything a novel needs to be. The best way to enjoy...
Posted On 09 May 2013

First reviews for The Great Gatsby emerge

Scott Foundas, Variety Of course, to accuse Luhrmann (who also co-wrote the screenplay with frequent collaborator Craig Pearce) of overkill is a bit like faulting a leopard for his spots. Love it or hate it, take it or leave it, this is unmistakably his“Gatsby” through and...
Posted On 06 May 2013

Jordan’s 12 movies to pump you up for Summer 2013

For most cinephiles that look for substance and signs of life in movies, summer is not the ideal movie season. It is a movie season filled with bombastic, popcorn entertainment aimed at horny, action-loving teenagers -and quite a few adults too. You want proof? Adam Sandler and...

A Collection of Gatsby Clips…

Collider has posted some clips from Gatsby, five minutes worth. Check it out.
Posted On 28 Apr 2013

Gatsby Portraits in Vanity Fair

    From Vanity Fair.
Posted On 24 Apr 2013

The Year of the Leo — Takes the Cover of Esquire

Leonardo DiCaprio has yet to win an Oscar. Will Gatsby finally earn him one? (source)
Posted On 15 Apr 2013