Kim Masters HR Exclusive on Fincher is a tad One-Sided

The Hollywood Reporter runs its second story on David Fincher, Sony and the supposed upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, wherein a source continues to huff and puff their side of the story all the while complaining about what a diva and tyrant Fincher is because of his...
Posted On 14 Apr 2014

Harvey Weinstein Speaks on Movies

This is one reason Harvey Weinstein is good for the movie business — he gets the bigger picture. This is also why he’s great at Oscar campaigning — when he has a horse that can win — he knows what they want in the end. You have to take your hat off to him...
Posted On 25 Apr 2011

The State of the Race: The Aftermath

Last night’s Oscars will be remembered for several reasons. ¬†The first, there has never been a film that won the NBR, the NYFCC, the LAFCA and the Globe (Picture, Director and Screenplay) and not won the DGA and then the Oscar for Best Picture. ¬†Moreover, until last...
Posted On 28 Feb 2011

Editorial: Why Mark Zuckerberg Was Always Destined To Get No Further Than The Oscar Bike Room.

[notice]This editorial was written by a British 15 year-old named Michael Dalton living in Switzerland. [/notice] When The Social Network won every critic award in sight many, including me believed that this love would continue right up to the Oscars. The Social Network was ...
Posted On 25 Feb 2011

History will be Made One Way or Another

If the King’s Speech wins, it will become the first film in 83 years of Oscar history with a British monarch as the central figure to win Best Picture. [source] If the Social Network wins Screenplay, Editing, Directing but then loses Best Picture it will join the ranks of...
Posted On 21 Feb 2011

The Guardian Calls it for the Social Network

It isn’t that the Eddie’s win last night makes it suddenly apparent that The Social Network will win – there is precedent for both films taking Best Picture. Films have won the three major guilds, lost the Eddie but still won Best Picture (American Beauty is...
Posted On 20 Feb 2011

The Social Network wins ACE for Best Editing!

Best Edited Feature, Drama: The Social Network Best Edited Feature Comedy/Musical: Alice in Wonderland Best Edited Animated Feature: Toy Story 3 Best Edited Documentary : Exit Through the Gift Shop Best Edited Miniseries or Movie for TV: Temple Grandin Best Edited 1/2-Hour...
Posted On 19 Feb 2011

Google Trending Predicts The Social Network for the Win

I’ve been at this so long I remember when the Wall Street Journal used to do a poll to predict who would win — I think they turned out to be kind of right but not 100%. ¬†The reason the race is so hard to predict is because it’s won not on quality usually but on...
Posted On 18 Feb 2011

David Fincher: Through a Glass Darkly

From the first note of the first frame of The Social Network we are immersed in David Fincher’s senses. The soundtrack roars immediately to life with The White Stripes pulsating guitar riff on “Ball and Biscuit.” We are in a darkened bar. The characters are talking so fast...
Posted On 16 Feb 2011

Tilda presents David's BAFTA to Jesse & Andrew

Darren Aronofsky picks up Natalie Portman’s Best Actress BAFTA, after the cut.
Posted On 14 Feb 2011