Twenty Titles to Watch for the Oscars at Toronto

Over at EW, Dave Karger has put together a nice list of ten titles he’ll be watching for Oscar this September.  The festival that happens between then and now is Telluride, where many of the cream of the crop tend to pop up for Oscar scouts.   Here is Dave’s list:...
Posted On 26 Jul 2012

I'll Have What She's Having = The Hysteria Trailer

It’s kind of interesting that repressed female sexuality will be front and center this year, with David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method and Hysteria, aka “The vibrator movie.” Hysteria, which will screen at Toronto, is directed by a woman, Tanya Wexler,...
Posted On 18 Aug 2011

Toronto International Film Festival lineup

Press Release via The Film Stage.  Interactive gallery at GALAS Closing Night Film Page Eight David Hare, United Kingdom International Premiere Johnny Worricker (Bill Nighy) is a long-serving M15 officer. His boss and best friend Benedict Baron (Michael Gambon) dies...
Posted On 16 Aug 2011

The State of the Race: Can't Stop What's Coming

Summer is almost over.  Once August ticks over into September it’s all hands on deck.  The Oscar winning Best Picture will be something that’s been released from September through December.  There has been nothing released so far this year that can win.  Before we...
Posted On 15 Aug 2011

George Clooney, Madonna, Sarah Polley …Toronto Announces

Riding high off of last year’s The King’s Speech, which became the first movie in a while to do Toronto before Oscar and still win (although it followed the similar pattern of Slumdog Millionaire which snowballed from Telluride, to Toronto, to Oscar, to …). A...
Posted On 26 Jul 2011

The King’s Speech Wins Big at Toronto

The awards: Cadillac People’s Choice Award: The King’s Speech Runner-up: The First Grader Cadillac People’s Choice Award For Documentary: Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie Runner-up: Nostalgia for the Light
Posted On 19 Sep 2010

TIFF Winding Down

Big thanks to Nancy for doing such a nice job covering the Toronto Film Festival this year.¬† I always look forward to her coverage. Nice job, Nancy. The TIFF hasn’t really brought out any new Oscar contenders in a big way. As Ebert said on Twitter, the film with the most...
Posted On 17 Sep 2010

Toronto News Round-up

Deadline reports that The Conspirator is likely out of Oscars 2010. They say they are working from The Hurt Locker model. Hm. Not sure that is the right way to go on this, but who am I to say. Steve Pond on the Springsteen splash at the fest. The Weinstein Co. has purchased one...
Posted On 15 Sep 2010

The State of the Race: Best Picture Within Sight

Even though one can’t take anything for granted at this state of the race, it’s impossible to deny real buzz. Right now, two films have it – 127 Hours and The King’s Speech, both films seem to hit just the right notes to emerge victorious through the heat...
Posted On 13 Sep 2010

Ebert’s Hereafter Rave

Ebert is someone who knows a thing or two about life and death. It isn’t just his own experience with cancer that gives him this depth; it is also his natural curiosity and profound intellect.¬† While others can sometimes rely on their same old bag of tricks, Ebert seems to...
Posted On 13 Sep 2010