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Tommy Lee Jones’ bleak expression of our land rape out west is one of the best films of 2014. No, it doesn’t fit into any category, particularly, and it didn’t light the critics on fire at Cannes but it is, to ...

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Written, directed by, and starring Tommy Lee Jones. The story here is Tommy Lee Jones and Hilary Swank as prairie folk escorting three insane women across the frontier from Nebraska to Iowa. As disappointed as it may be to see ...

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HR reports that James Spader is the latest castmember to join Tommy Lee Jones’ new film The Homesman, which already will star Hilary Swank, John Lithgow, Tim Blake Nelson and Meryl Streep. There were many women homesteaders and landgrabbers back in the 1800s and the ...

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The weird way the awards lined up this year, like someone moving the cat bowl, has set an unpredictability in motion most of us have never experienced.  “I just want unpredictability” people always say. Well, be careful what you wish ...

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Tommy Lee Jones as Thaddeus Stevens after the cut.

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“Every step of the way we walk the line. Your days are numbered. So are mine.” – Bob Dylan Four of the best performances this year come from two films about love and marriage in the twilight years. What’s interesting ...

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Strong reveiws for tonight’s HBO premiere of Cormac McCarthy’s Sunset Limited starring Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson, and directed by Tommy Lee himself. Subject matter doesn’t get more profound than life and death, but, thanks to McCarthy’s writing ...

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