Martin Scorsese’s New York

A video montage by House of Nod:
Posted On 21 Jan 2014

Kees van Dijkhuizen’s Cinema 2010

Several days ago many readers were wondering when we’d see Kees van Dijkhuizen’s clip montage Cinema 2010. Thanks to Drew for finding it.¬†¬†
Posted On 22 Dec 2010

And the Oscar Went To…

Video made by Jason O’Brien:
Posted On 08 Apr 2010

Valentine’s Day Video Montage

Created by Matt Zoeller Zeitz who promises “this video will get you laid.” It occurs to me while watching it that kissing is kind of a strange thing, in the final analysis. Hat tip to HE.
Posted On 13 Feb 2010

2009 Dedicated

Two more video montages. The first from Ben Zuk: I love the references to Taken. And of course, A Serious Man, what a great movie. Like most of the Coens’ films, it is way ahead of its time. And the second, from Abe, after the cut.
Posted On 07 Jan 2010

Matt Shapiro is Back with his Tribute to 2009

We look forward to these every year. And here it is.
Posted On 01 Jan 2010

Cinema 2009

HE points us to this vid for the films of ’09. Loved the In the Loop moment. More Meryl Streep as Julia Child.
Posted On 23 Dec 2009

Josh Horowitz is Back

Josh Horowitz did a funny video montage last year (after the cut). Here is this year’s: MTV Shows
Posted On 18 Feb 2009