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New Voices in Film Criticism: Tasha Robinson at The Dissolve

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The Dissolve’s Tasha Robinson writes up a brilliant piece about female characters in films who are supposed to be “strong” but who, in the end, really are just your usual backseat babe, making the world easier for the male hero to swoop in and save the day. Most of the films aimed at young people and the male demographic that Hollywood believes dominates the box office feature this dynamic. Writing…


At Cannes Stories About Women Dominate, even if Female Filmmakers are Rare

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In case you’ve been wondering why it’s so difficult to get movies about women made you don’t have to look any further than 2014′s 67th Cannes Film Festival. Under the jury president, Jane Campion, the best films so far in main competition here have revolved around female characters – complex, imperfect, beautifully drawn these leading roles offer up a counter to the majority of films that get paid attention to…

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Katherine Heigl Turns to Indiegogo to Help Raise fund for Jenny’s Wedding

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What do you do if you’re an independent movie written and directed by a woman, about a lesbian getting married? Do you wait for Hollywood to shove aside that latest coming of age, coming of middle age or coming of old age story for 50 shades of the male psyche? Or do you just try to make it yourself. They need some post-production money to finish, not much – around…


Wolf and the Accusations of Presumed Misogyny

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Welcome to 2013 when every tiny detail in a film is scrubbed clean of any ambiguity — because if anything is left in doubt it might be misinterpreted and then what does that say about the film? What does it say about the film’s director? What does it say about society? Because our films are, perhaps, the new gathering place where church used to be, there is this continual application…


Two Female Driven Films Kill at the Box Office

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The box office powerhouse that is Jennifer Lawrence, and the brilliant marketing team (and great word of mouth) behind Frozen have driven the box office to a record breaking week. Why is it worth noting? Because both films are driven by female stories. Catching Fire is all about Jennifer Lawrence. Sure, it’s about the books – but the books are about Katniss. And Katniss is about Jennifer Lawrence. Frozen is…


How Have Women Fared in Film? An Infographic

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Fairly enlightening, this. And depressing. Don’t make me start talking about the three holes again. Full infographic after the cut.

Lynda Obst Grabs New Hollywood by the Balls and — SQUEEZES

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I love this interview. I don’t think it’s a matter of many of us just being old and out of touch. It’s a matter of watching something that was imperfect but beautiful turn into a fast food industry. It’s depressing, if you remember what things used to be like. I love anyone who can really slice through the bullshit and Obst does that. But she does more. A lot more….

Dear Academy: Consider the Women Directors

Dear Academy: Consider the Women Directors

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One thing we know about the industry now is that they prefer their women naked and on their backs. One they don’t like – women behind the camera. I would add to this consider filmmakers of color. Consider other narratives than those that serve middled aged white males.   Unstick from the romanticized nostalgia of the past: Argo, The Artist, The King’s Speech…in a year where the first black president…


NY Times Debate: How Can Women Gain Influence in Hollywood?

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Women and Hollywood’s Melissa Silverstein, someone I consider to be a growing voice in the film community, has co-curated a panel for the New York Times on women and their influence in Hollywood.  Or rather, their non-existent influence in Hollywood. It’s a must-read and a subject that should not be abandoned because we … oh look, shiny object. Why does anyone care about this subject? Because it’s a glaring, ongoing…


David Edelstein Highlights Three Great Films of 2010

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Three American indies directed by women are “marvelous.” He calls Winter’s Bone, the “Movie of the Year.”