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Brad Pitt

Oscarwatch: For Your Consideration

Why does it seem like the beginning of October is already too late to push through an Oscar contender?  If you're a big star in a big movie you're already on the radar of those who write about Oscar buzz, a thing that increasingly has no…

Best Actor Talk

For the second in our series of talks, Thelma Adams, USA Today's Susan Wloszczyna talk about Best Actor. Since our talk, I've seen Moneyball.  Best Actor is boiling down to a few strong performances out a large group of actors this year.…

Oscar Buzz on the Web

I am often asked on Twitter that so and so says so and so is the frontrunner or is going to win and what do I think about it.  Here's what I think: there are a lot of Oscar writers and bloggers out there with their fingers on the trigger …