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American Sniper – Hero Cut Down

Clint Eastwood’s best war film is Letters from Iwo Jima. Its partner film, Flags of our Fathers is also very good though more sentimental, less precise, and less revered. American Sniper is far more like the latter, but that doesn’t mean it…

Birdman Opens to Raves, Keaton Rises

It's gives too much away to note the irony in reporting the success of Birdman, one of the most clever films to come along in a good while. Don't miss Kris Tapley's piece, Give Keaton the Oscar, which serves as a reminder that sometimes…

New Clip from Birdman

It's a film that grabs you by the collar and doesn't release you until the end credits. This clip gives you a better idea of what the movie is like in terms of tone and rhythm and camera and dialogue.