Thanks to reader Michael who points us to the latest EW with Josh Brolin as W on the cover. It’s difficult to recognize the actor, and I’ve long been wondering about this project anyway, whether it’s too soon for an Oliver Stone interpretation of these events. Of the two films Stone has made on US Presidents, only one I really love. I appreciate JFK in certain ways but I think the film is dishonest in its portrayal of Garrison and thus, it becomes difficult to take it seriously – well I guess there are many reasons to not take it seriously – it is good entertainment, however. Nixon, on the other hand, is a movie I have seen many times and one that, I think, mostly nails Tricky Dick.

The film itself is certainly no critics’ darling at the moment. On the other hand, Chiwetel Ejiofor is getting high praise indeed. Called “excellent” by Manohla Dargis, and “soulful” by Lisa Schwarzbaum.

Carina Chocano writes:

Ejiofor brings a calm magnetism and a beatific serenity to his roles that have the effect of knocking you flat — there’s something about this guy that’s messianic.

And Pete Travers, who gives the film three out of four stars and says David Mamet is “on his game,” writes:

Ejiofor confirms his status as one of the best actors anywhere. Born in London to Nigerian parents, Ejiofor can do film drama (Dirty Pretty Things) and comedy (Kinky Boots) and win raves onstage (as Othello). The resonant stillness he brings to Redbelt pulls you in.

This is merely to record these blurbs – no chance this performance will hold by year’s end.

As the microscopic film world on the web awaits the Cannes lineup, Variety’s Todd McCarthy gets a mini-scoop, the news that Clint Eastwood will be bringing his horror film, The Changeling, to Cannes. This is good news for everyone if Angelina is not too pregnant to attend. McCarthy reports that it will be Eastwood’s fifth film in competition after Pale Rider, White Hunter, Black Heart, Bird and Mystic River. More Cannes news as it presents itself. This film joins the latest Woody Allen movie, Vicki Cristina Barcelona (which looks horrible), as does the latest debacle with Evan Rachel Wood and Larry David. I love Woody, or, I loved Woody back when he made good movies. But let’s face it; it’s been a while. How can I tell just by a few photos? It certainly doesn’t look like he’s matured past his fetish yet. Erm.

Since the thing these days seems to be to make lists when there isn’t much happening in the news, I’ve been wondering about great cinema’s worst. Who are the worst villains in the best films? Most likely, all serial killers will be left off the list because they are monsters, not really characters. One could make an exception for Hannibal Lecter and even he is a tough call since the audience is most definitely with him. I’m talking about very very bad people who do very very bad things and for whom you feel no pity.

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JustJared has posted a couple of Heath Ledger as the Joker pics. Images of Ledger are bound to bring up conflicting emotions for anyone. It remains all so very sad.



Faded Youth offered up a first look at Johnny Depp as John Dillinger in Public Enemies, which also stars Marion Cotillard and Christian Bale. IMDb has this listed as 2009 release. Michael Mann directs the mob drama about cleaning up the streets back in the 1930s. Depp plays John Dillinger, who, according to Wikipedia:

…was an American bank robber, considered by some to be a dangerous criminal, while others idealized him as a latter-day Robin Hood. He gained this reputation (and the nickname “Jackrabbit”) for his graceful movements during bank heists, such as leaping over the counter (a movement he supposedly copied from the movies) and narrow getaways from police. His exploits, along with those of other criminals of the 1930s Depression era, such as Bonnie and Clyde and Ma Barker, dominated the attentions of the American press and its readers during what is sometimes referred to as the public enemy era, between 1931 and 1935, a period which led to the further development of the modern and more sophisticated FBI

Link [via ONTD]

Oscar tends to pay more attention to those actors who gain weight for roles rather than those who lose extreme amounts of weight – surely someone would have noticed Christian Bale by now. Adrien Brody, Meryl Streep are two prominent examples of the opposite. Jared Leto, playing one of the most hated men in history, looks entirely changed. With Lindsay Lohan as his costar, though, chances of this ever being taken seriously are slim. Nonetheless, we keep watch. Oh No They Didn’t posted it off of a Lohan fan site.


Paul Dano’s career took a great leap forward this year, especially on the heels of last year. That’s two Best Pic nominees in a row for the actor. He’s profiled in DazedDigtal, courtesy of ONTD:

“I definitely want to get to a point where I can help get films made and be offered great roles, and I understand that to get there you have to achieve a certain level of notoriety,” he smiles (his semi-jagged teeth are far from perfect, but admittedly, they do look kind of cool.) “I guess I’d be hypocritical if I said fame wasn’t something I aspire top, but it’s fame in a different sense of the word,” he roles his eyes jokingly. “I mean I’m definitely not living the Hollywood lifestyle.” Luckily for him, however, notoriety is something he’s gaining rapidly.

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