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Most Anticipated Oscar Movie?

The season is nearly upon us! In just a few short weeks, Telluride, Venice, Toronto - oh my. Oscar season will compete with an unusually compelling election season. Themes might intertwine or not. Jimmy Fallon is hosting the Golden Globes…

Trailer: Clint Eastwood’s Sully

Many were wondering what Sully was going to be about since the saved landing was so short. Here is a better idea of the whole movie will be about - Sully and his battle with people looking to question his record and heroism.

Your Best Pictures of the Century?

Around the web, various film critics are assembling their lists of 10 best for the BBC's Best of the Century list. I tried to put together one but I found 10 was too limiting. So I put down 20. I would be curious to see what you all think…