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The Butler opens at Number One

All of the good word of mouth (sans some critics) has helped The Butler take the number one spot at the box office, very likely dragging people out who don't go to the movies. There's Oprah in the best performance she's ever given (doesn't…

Box Office – Hope Among the Ruins

I was surprised to see how well Mud has been doing at the box office.  Amid the tent-pole productions, the smaller films aren't doing badly. They're doing good enough, I think, to keep hope alive.   Studios have cracked the code - give the…

$51M for Gatsby

Talk about top-heavy box-office. The Great Gatsby has collected $51 million on its opening weekend, coming in 2nd after Iron Man 3 with $72M. On virtually the same number of screens (3500 vs 3300) Gatsby earned 10x more than the closest…