The highest scorers went to these three, with 16 correct predictions:

Alex Kirichenko
Hector Delgado, Jr.
Misael Tovar

Please send an email to awardsdaily at to claim your prize! Runners-up with 15:

Daniele Giovannoli
Nicholas Chung
Damian Pietrzak
Velimir Petkov
Atif Mir Hussain
Jorge Arce


STEVE JOBS is available today, February 16, on Blu-ray and DVD. In support of the home entertainment release, Universal Home Entertainment is offering a giveaway featuring a bundle of the studio’s Oscar-nominated titles.

  • Steve Jobs
  • Trumbo
  • Spotlight
  • Danish Girl
  • Straight Outta Compton
  • 50 Shades of Grey

Enter to win by leaving a comment about one of your favorites from among these six films.

Revisit Sasha’s review of Steve Jobs from Telluride.

Steve Jobs Blu-ray DVD Details after the cut.

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We had several entries that got perfect scores in our SAG awards contests. They even got Idris Elba!

Toby Cooke
Gonzalo Pali
Cameron Oro
Stephen Wells
John Williams
Randall Gerber
Dion Blackler
Bill Bayard
Mark Bontty
Steve R
Filipe Marcena
Jason Evangelista
Tim McDermott
Jim Brooks
Marcus Aguirra
Flavio Isihi Neto
John Benutty
Igor Medeiros
Polly Wa
Greg Young
Ryan Diaz


It’s all come down to this, my friends. I have nothing left to teach you, grasshoppers. I’ve given you every tiny clue I know, from the solid stats, to the emotional meltdowns, to the ego boosts, to the sting of shame when you’re wrong. You’ve gone through it all with me, year after year, tragedy and triumph. 17 goddamned years of this. Here we go.

You will have two options. The first prize is 8 DVDs of your choice. They can be the Oscar movies or not. I would want Carol, myself, and it’s not in the Best Picture lineup, for instance. The second prize is a $50 gift certificate. And for our second contest, the major categories only, the top prize is 5 dvds of your choice. We might sweeten the pot as we get closer to the big night.
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Next weekend we’ll get the second act in the most unpredictable awards race we’ve seen in a while. What we don’t yet know is if The Big Short, which took the Producers Guild, will take all of the major guilds – SAG, ACE, DGA, WGA — or not.
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There were several who got a perfect score of three – we only did three, not the rest of the categories. And those names are:

Kristyna Mackinnon
Jacob Davis
Bohdan Kozar
Pj Edwards
Jorge Guevara
Sam Eckmann
Adam Smith
Dan Rader
Andrew Carnady
marcoss qi
Kevin Spellman
Ashwin Pinto
Ben Conquest
Claudiu Cristian Dobre
William Moody
Rodrigo JP
Aaron Garcia del Real
Jason Travis
Rob Yest
Robin Bloomfield
Sadat Jabeen
Rafael Feitosa
Jon Reis
Jorge Flores
Christina Lagou

Also congrats to those who got the wild prediction of The Big Short correct:
g Grabowski
Pish Sing
Steven Cline


This Sunday, the Critics Choice will tell us what they think will happen at the Oscars. They have six categories for acting and thus, it gives them a bit of an unfair advantage when it comes to matching up with the Oscars. Keep to five and match? Then I’m impressed. Six? Well, as we all know, isn’t that hard. Either way, they will be picking their winners and now it’s your chance to predict what they will do.

I actually have no idea. Given what we know about them (Boyhood, not Birdman last year) there are two possible ways they can go. They can do what the Globes did – reward Inarritu because they didn’t last year (the Academy DID, however, as did the PGA and DGA), or they can pick Spotlight. They generally go for the film that has the momentum with critics – like Boyhood. This year, that movie is Spotlight or Mad Max: Fury Road. I am just going to go ahead and predict that they go for Spotlight and George Miller split vote, presuming that the Academy might follow suit. They will vote party line the rest of the way, I figure, with Leo and Brie in the lead categories. Sly will get supporting actor. Spotlight will get original screenplay and I’m not sure what gets adapted, though I suspect it will be The Big Short or Carol. Supporting actress is a tough call – it will either be Rooney Mara for Carol or Alicia Vikander for The Danish Girl.
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Well, the good news is that a lot of people got 5/5. The bad news is, that’s why we didn’t announce a prize in advance. Still, it probably fun to know you got 5/5, right? Here are the names that did.

All of the names, plus the brand new contest to pick the winner, after the jump.
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We have two winners – 1 for the full categories and one for just the majors. Congratulations to Jordan Holland for getting 100 right in our full categories competition and to Chris Piazza for scoring the highest, 38, missing only two, in our major categories competition.   If you are either of these two winners, please send us an email.

Our full rundown of runners-up after the jump.

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We did not have a winner for the Producers Guild, as most were thrown by Carol and Room being omitted. Nonetheless, here are those who got 8/10:

Olga Katz
Anton Madsen
Alex Kirichenko
Gabriel Pereira
John Benutty
Wojciech R.
Christina Lagou
Alan Wong
Zsolt Őri
Jason Flinkstrom
Miles Bisher
Asa McKenzie
Arthur Carlson
Andrew Madsen
Chuck Williamson
Kevin Driscoll
Ryan Hess
Kyle Dorriere


The Directors Guild will announce on January 7th. Enter the contest after the jump.
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It has all come down to this, my friends. The Producers Guild announces on January 5th.

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Greetings, Oscarwatchers. I think it’s the 16th annual. We’ve decided to do things differently this year – we’re offering two contests – one is for the FULL LIST of nominations and the other is the MAJOR CATEGORIES only. Our prize will be a $100 gift certificate to Amazon for the full contest winner and $50 for the majors only.

By the way, you can enter both if you like to up your odds, but you can only win once. if someone by chance wins both, they are awarded the top prize but we’ll share the wealth and move on to the second place winner in the other “lite” contest. GOOD LUCK and may the Force be with you, always.


We’re also still running our Golden Globes prediction contest – so if you have not yet entered…go for it.


66th Annual Golden Globe Awards -- Photo Room

Has it really been 17 years? Maybe 16. I have lost count. Either way, smarty pants who are still around on a Saturday night, here is your big chance to win a really cool prize to be announced later. You can enter multiple times but we’ll only count your most recent one.

After the jump.
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Congratulations to Emmanuel Perez for correctly predicting 9 right for our National Board of Review Contest. And congratulations to the other readers who correctly predicted Best Film, Chavel Dixon, Aleksandr Syman, Jon Reis, Cordia Covens, Kevin Klawitter, and Felipe Mejia.

Thanks for playing!


Actually our contest produced TWO WINNERS in the Oscar contest. Jason Simpson, who missed only editing and director, and Lorenzo Cusano who missed original screenplay and animated feature. The new tallys are below.

Previously: Unfortunately, there were virtually no surprises except Best Animated Feature. How closely you aligned yourself with the general consensus the better you did. The short categories, the doc category and the foreign language film category will no longer offer surprises because you don’t have to see all of the nominees anymore. Thus, those categories should be similar to the other categories — mostly predictable.

When voters were required to see all five nominees in those select categories, you really did have to watch them to predict them and in those years many surprises would often emerge.

Big Hero 6 topping How to Train Your Dragon 2 was the big shocker of the night. I am qualified to say what happened there or how those votes were generated and by whom. It could be resistance to voting for a sequel – which no one in the Academy likes to do.

Otherwise, it was general consensus all the way plus Birdman. If you were a Birdman fan and you went with general consensus you did very well. In Contention’s Kris Tapley has the highest score I can find of the predictors — he went with Birdman in the top categories and the general consensus everywhere else, missing only four.

Right behind with 21 are the runners-up:
Patrick Stumpe
ale mendoza
Renard Bansale
Maria Carvalho
Drew Winser
Viroj Suttisima
Jordan Holland
Ednardo Santos
Carsten Kurpanek
Chris Schleicher
Paulo Matos
Philip Gallegos

And the winners with 20 are:
Rodney Worshm
William Bearden
Viktor Kovács
Patricia de Carvalho
Daniela Diaconu
Corina Sirca
Stephen Coloritos
Michael Dalton
Victor Garcia
Sarp E
Bohdan Kozar
David DiMiele
Jeremy Eggleston
Barry Callahan
Arturo Madrigal Verduzco
Zach Macias
Ankur Verma
Chris Esser
Gautam Anand
Jason Park
Robert Dimitri
Alex Rodman
Vincent Moreno
Leandro Martins
Gustavo Martins
Pat Kelley
Cristina Molina
Renard Bansale
Drew Winser
Kamila Azevedo
Chris Pastor
David Webb
Amir Siregar
Carsten Kurpanek
Joe Stemme
Charles Trotter
Alan Michaels
Trish Mistric
Catherine Stebbins
Hector Delgado Jr.
Kevin Reed
Steven Short
Steven Brown
Dave Yen
George Geanopulos
William Fath
Shane Slater
Roberto Moreno
Ralph Moscato
Joe Hiegel
Craig Stoll
Christopher Calla
Diane Stepanek
Oliver Davidson
Margaret Zadouri
Michele Innocenti
Lane Richins
Tom M
Anita E
pete heighway
Rosana P
Mike Cersosimo
Greg Feasel
Sefa Emekli
Natália de Paula do Nascimento
Ian Boyd
Peter Chumo
Peter Chumo
Kim Pedersen
L Hagens
Parth Majmudar
Filipe Eleuterio
Sean Aminali
Matthew Toomey

The winner of the Spirit Award contest with 15 is:

Andres Arteaga

For the winners of both contests (Lorenzo Cusano, Jason Simpson and Andres Arteaga only), please send an email to


As you know, our files were all corrupted so we lost of the data on these contests. But if anyone out there entered and has a return receipt, please post your high score here in the comments.

With 19 out of 24, Alexandru Donca wins our contest.

With 18:
Luis Diego Porras
Chavel Dixon
Dion Blackler
Anthony Barstow
Ryan Leong
Ednardo Santos


And our cobbled together DGA contest (there may be forms out there with better scores!) only produced winners with a score of three. And those are:

Kelly Doucette
Andre West
Zach Rosenthal
Enrique Castillo


The good news is that the BAFTAs haven’t happened yet – the bad news is we lost our old contest forms during a website hack that occurred yesterday. That means if you’re still interested in predicting the BAFTAs you can either use the return receipt that was sent to you to calculate your own score or you can re-enter here. Good luck!

(Thanks to Craig and Ryan for helping to put it back together)


Please enter now – if you entered before yesterday you can either enter again below or else use the return receipt you received the first time. Good luck!


This Sunday, the British Academy will have their say as to what will win. Predicting the BAFTAS is always a tricky thing to do because they genuinely can be unpredictable. Making them even more unpredictable is that their voting practices have changed so many times over the years that it’s hard to find any sort of patterns. For instance, they pushed their date to be before the Oscars only in 2000. In 2012 they swapped their nomination procedure to being more like the Oscars, wherein the various branches chooses the nominees and the whole body votes for the winners. Before that they did it in the opposite fashion.

So, to a degree, they should be easy to predict, right? The consensus is, so far, the consensus. In 2012, they went for Argo and last year they went for the agreed upon split between Alfonso Cuaron for Director and 12 Years for Picture. Since our own Academy has an ongoing love affair with all things British, they keep nominating British people, thus the Oscars are full of British voters, which makes the BAFTAs fairly reliable in terms of picking potential upsets.

This site has their predictions up and they’re going for:

Imitation Game for Adapted Screenplay
Grand Budapest for Original
Rosamund Pike for Best Actress
Eddie Redmayne for Best Actor
JK Simmons and Patricia Arquette for supporting

The only real surprise there is that there is no Birdman in any of the major categories. I’m not sure that’s how it will go but if it does, you can probably scratch Birdman off your list for Best Picture win at the Oscars.

I am not so sure it will go that way. I think it could split but I just don’t know which way it will split. I just don’t know how popular Birdman is at the BAFTAs. I do know it also does not have an editing nomination there. Grand Budapest Hotel seems to be their favorite movie as it’s represented in nearly every category.

That makes me wonder if Wes Anderson might not pick up the top prize there. Since Budapest beat Birdman at the Globes that is also a peculiar development in the race. Birdman is popular with the actors, for sure, and they make up the Academy’s largest branch. Birdman also beat the other films at the PGA, but they use a preferential ballot and BAFTA does not.

Budapest is going to take votes away from some movie – I just don’t know which.

The only lament I have and hope that it will come true is that the BAFTA will not follow the usual pattern of awards season by not awarding Gillian Flynn for Gone Girl just because it lacks an Oscar nod. The entire awards race should not always bow down to the Motion Picture Academy. I do not think that puts thousands of minds to good use. I hope they resist the urge to fold under the limited consensus.

I will be sitting this one out because I really have no skill when it comes to predicting the BAFTAs. I never have, in fact. Hardly anyone ever gets them right.

But here is your chance to be a shot if YOU know how they will go.

[please check back in a bit – we’re upgrading the software – apologies!]

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