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National Board of Review

NBR Winner and High Scorers

One clear winner who got a score of 14 (out of 22), Nr27 from Germany. Congratulations! You get a $25 gift card from Send an email to claim your prize. The other high scorers after the cut.

Where I Draw the Line with the NBR

Take it from me, Oscar watchers, the National Board of Review doesn't mean THAT much. What it is good for is launching a film into the race by giving it a form of legitimacy. It's kind of funny that this group would be in that position,…

Guide to the Precursers

Indiewire's Peter Knegt does a good job laying out the award precursors coming soon to an Oscar blog near you. Actually, you could probably say it will becoming from all sides, from every angle and outlet and social networking tool near…

Predict the National Board of Review

It's all happening! The awards season is finally off. Next week, the National Board of Review will announce their winners and the films that they name will have an automatic head start. Does that mean they'll be a close match with Oscar?…

Precious Kills at the Box Office

EW's Dave Karger takes a look at Precious' opening numbers and comes up with the possibility, I think for the first time in the mainstream press, that this film could be the frontrunner. However, he doesn't come out and says he thinks it is…

NBoR Announces Dates

The award-giving group that critics love to hate has announced its dates for the 2009/2010 awards season. I suspect that the NBoR will be of utmost importance THIS year specifically because we're looking at Best Picture 10 for the first…

NBR Prediction Contest Winners

The high scorers, earning a whopping 12 points, are: Alp Turgut from Turkey Aris from Greece Dario Devi from Croatia luis from spain Randy Mensing from Canada Thomas Davis from Canada Congratulations! Runners-up after the cut.

About Those NBR’s

What the NBR is good for: sussing out how the Best Picture race might take shape. Making a non-prominent contender suddenly prominent, like Josh Brolin in Milk for the WIN. They are good for solidifying an already held belief, like Penelope…