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Mr. Rogers’ Quiet Revolution

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood ran on television from 1968 to 2001. At first on the local Pittsburgh station where it originated and then for 30 years on PBS. I never liked it. Not for a second. I found it square. Boring. I thought Mr. Rogers was…

The Life And Times Of Tab Hunter

The peak of Tab Hunter's career was brief. The 50s icon's stardom barely outlasted the decade in which it shot forth. His resume is slim when it comes to quality work. He never won any major awards. He was an idol, but like many idols, he…

Reframe: Out of Sight

It might be hard to remember that when Out of Sight came out almost 20 years ago to the day that the careers of both director and star were at a crossroads. George Clooney's transition from E/R heart throb to film star was bordering on…