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Emmy FYC: The Crafts of ‘Transparent’

Joey Moser talks to some Emmy®-nominated creative minds from the third season of Amazon's Emmy-winning Transparent. Transparent somehow gets better and better with every season. That's a testament to the people who are behind the camera.…

FYC Gallery Update

Many thanks once again to Dora Kappou of for helping save our ass with the FYC gallery. It is back and better than ever. Check it out. Also, here are two good ones from The Revenant and The Martian. Speaking of those…

A Sneak Peek at the Updated FYC Gallery

We're working on getting our FYC gallery updated but until then, here is a peek at what's coming. When you look at these ads you can really see how the studios hope to get straight to the voters - especially those who still read Variety and…