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VES Nominations

Sorry these came late. Here they are. Arrival is shut out, weirdly. But so was Ex Machina, which won the Oscar last year. The nominees for the 15th Annual VES Awards in 24 categories are as follows: Outstanding Visual Effects in a…

VES Visual Effects Awards Winners

(thanks to Wayman for the tip, and Deadline for the list) 4 award for the Force Awakens, 3 for The Revenant (all about the bear), and 1 for Fury Road. Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature Star Wars: The Force Awakens Roger…

VES Visual Effects Nominations

Full list of nominees below. (press release reformatting courtesy of Kris Tapley) Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature “Furious 7” “Mad Max: Fury Road” “The Martian” “San Andreas” “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”…