Oscar Podcast Episode 54


December 11, 2013 • Oscar Podcast • Views: 2363

Finally uploaded – the year Gladiator beat Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Traffic!

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  1. Jason says:

    Finally! Thanks! Nice job!

  2. film_junkie says:

    I agree with the criticism of the Academy’s sexism when it comes to nominating/awarding the work of female actors, but I think you’re discrediting the work of some of those younger/”sexier” performers. I don’t think any of the accolades Brie Larson is winning have been based on her appearance, for instance. For me, I guess it comes down to awarding the specific performance and not the career, which is what it seemed like Sasha was suggesting they should do.

    In the case of Roberts vs. Burstyn, the right actor won. Both stellar performances and both “showy” in different ways, but Brockovich was the perfect marriage of movie star persona and the right role. It really played to her strengths while somewhat subverting her status as “America’s Sweetheart”. I also think you guys are discrediting her work in Closer. Would I have preferred Nicole Kidman, who originally had the part? Sure. But Roberts rose to the occasion in that instance as well.

    • There’s a fine line too between being critical of the people who make the choices and being critical of the people who are being chosen. We’ve been unfairly hard on Jennifer Lawrence, but it’s not her fault she’s young and beautiful. She doesn’t have the depth of a Meryl Streep yet, but she’s had a habit of being the best part of the movies she’s in and who’s to say she won’t develop further?

    • CMG says:

      Also, Brie Larson, for me, is a knockout. Had a crush on her since The United States of Tara and let’s just say buttons were pushed in her turn in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. I am in no mood hearing how like she vs. Adele Exarchopoulos has to do with appearance given while I think both are beautiful the roles call for things both different and similar but still very different.

      Same with Chastain and Lawrence last year. I actually don’t really think sexuality was too much in play there except for the fact one had a genre that called for it but whatever, to me they’re both beautiful actresses.

  3. Eric P. says:

    Great podcast….as always. My favorite film of this year was actually Ed Harris’ “Pollock”. I was elated over Marcia Gay Harden’s surprising win.

    • We talked more about Pollock in the lost episode. A difficult film to sit and watch, but Marcia Gay Harden brings a ton of humanity to it and she’s so much more than just the supportive wife character.

      • Eric P. says:

        It is a difficult film to watch. But, I find myself returning to it often for some reason. Harden’s last seen with Harris is pure gold. It was like watching fire

  4. Thank you for your blog. Great.

  5. Jj says:

    Curtis Hanson had some health issues – had to be replaced on mavericks movie.

  6. KT says:

    So that’s what happened to the podcast. I knew something probably happened…eeek

    You guys probably talked more about Crouching Tiger in the first version. There’s so much in that film. The last time I saw it, it moved me tremendously, the commentary on traditional Chinese values (how the leads finally give in to their love when it’s too late), the role of women, the legend of Wudang Mountain (Chinese lore is incomparable), the beautiful shot composition—that bamboo forest scene, as Jen passes Li Mubai in slow motion, breathtaking!

    Traffic has always moved me, and I would say Benicio del Toro’s character is probably the lead. It’s really his story, the film, how he gets involved with the drug trade, why he wants out, the death of his friend, working both sides, and then that beautiful ending at the baseball field to the Brian Eno music. Michael Douglas is the more well known actor and the selling point of the film. His story shows how immediate the war on drugs can be, hitting home; yes, his eyes are open and his character’s a great counterpoint, but it’s not the boots-on-the-ground, beginning and ending points of the film that del Toro’s story is.

    • Crouching Tiger would’ve been my pick for the win this year, much as I love Soderbergh and as impressive as it is he had two significant but totally different films in play. Interestingly, both Traffic and Brokovich feel a little dated to me, but Crouching Tiger feels like it could’ve been made yesterday.

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  15. snow says:

    nice episode once again. always nice to hear commentary on Ang Lee’s film.
    also nice to hear The Contender getting some podcast love! I love that film.
    I find it a bit surprising though that with all the discussion in this episode about American vs British actors and accents. That Gary Oldman in The Contender didn’t get a mention :(. Btw, I thought he was overlooked in that film too. he played a sublime villain/antagonist.

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