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Oscar Podcast 62 – Return of the King Clean Sweeps

We probably spend too much time talking about Lost in Translation and not enough time talking about Return of the King. But it was an important film, a beautiful film and the sum total of Peter Jackson’s vision to bring the books to the big screen. It was a pretty good year with Mystic River and Lost in Translation. Of all of them, the Coppola film has really grown in esteem as time has gone by and is as relevant and vital today as it was back in 2003.

Have a listen.

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  1. This was a weaker year than I thought it was. I would have voted for all 4 nods for “Translation,” but it was ROTK all the way. I think less of it now because of “The Hobbit.” Chris Rock made fun of Jude Law the following year (’04 Oscars) when Penn defended him, but hey, it perfectly played out because he was in “Alfie” later on. Sorry to say, but I thought “Cold Mountain” was overrated and “Master and Commander” was well deserved for Best Picture.

  2. Why do you all have to curse in these podcasts?

  3. 2 things.

    1) Girl with a Pearl Earring was fairly significant …

    Scarlett was nominated for a Golden Globe Drama and BAFTA for her portrayal in that film that year. She was superb in it.

    And I remember a lot of people saying that if she were to get nominated for an Oscar and not cancel herself out, that Girl with a Pearl Earring would be what she’d likely get in for and not Lost in Translation which received quite a few SUPPORTING notices throughout the season.

    Girl with a Pearl wound up being nominated for Cinematography, Art Direction, and Costumes (3) and was probably close for Score, great work by Desplat.

    And 2) I completely agree with you guys on The Holiday. I actually got giddy hearing you discuss the film so lovingly. I love it and agree with everything you said about it.

    Thanks for another great podcast!!! :)

  4. I’m so glad that you brought up The Best of Youth. What a revelation. If you want to know something about the recent Italian history watch that movie. It is so long because it was made for television. But it was so good that it was released in theatres in other countries.

    And can you talk – as you usually do – more about the different races (like in the acting or screenplay categories)?

  5. I wish you guys had actually probed Lord of the Rings. I find it shocking still that the final film was able to do what it did, finally winning categories the trilogy deserved to win for the first installment two years earlier: Art Direction (just fantastic on these films, stunning work which far exceed Moulin Rouge’s and Chicago’s…it’s a shame how much CGI they’ve now resorted to for The Hobbit), Costumes, Sound Mixing, Screenplay (especially the first film’s, which set the stage and is the strongest adaptation), Picture, and of course Best Director. Also, it wasn’t mentioned at all, but Lost in Translation borrows heavily in look and feel from another film that takes place in an Asian city released three years earlier. I feel a lot of your acclaim is coming from the final scene rather than the total package (not just story, but filmmaking elements). Return of the King has its issues, but it’s certainly a better choice than many of the other options. I’ve always wondered from a filmmaking standpoint how they could’ve finished the trilogy stronger/what specifically could have been changed or done better, as Jackson and Walsh have said they were very pressed on time and criticized parts of their own movie.

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