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Oscar Podcast Episode 63

Million Dollar Baby takes down Sideways and The Aviator. Probably the only film that really resonates from this year was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which just gets better with each viewing, as does Sideways. Okay, fine, so do the Aviator and Million Dollar Baby. Ultimately it was not the best year for film but not bad overall.

Have a listen.

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  1. Awesome!! Another great podcast. Thanks guys.

    I guess I had always wondered about Million Dollar Baby winning, and now I understand so much better, such as the fact that The Aviator had lost money. I guess I hadn’t even payed any attention to the fact that a movie won’t win Best Picture if it’s budget is bigger than its gross.

    I think the 2 standout movies that everyone loves from that year are Sideways and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

  2. Why aren’t this, and the 2-3 other previous podcasts up on iTunes? :/ The most recent one on iTunes is the post DGA chat…

  3. Eternal Sunshine – too strange for the Academy as a BP nod, but they chose it for screenplay just for Kaufman, his third nod as the charm. And Jim Carrey will never get nominated because of the other non-Oscar he has done. Vera Drake was so haunting, can’t love it enough. Should have been a BP nod and Mike Leigh has never won strangely enough. Sideways had no chance as BP if it was only going to win screenplay, compared to the multiple wins of MDB and Aviator. Fahrenheit 9/11 was not getting nominated even it was eligible because of what Moore did two years before.

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