Oscar Podcast Episode 68

When No Country for Old Men won big for the Coen brothers. Also There Will Be Blood and Juno gave it a run for its money. Not nominated: Zodiac. Should have won: Cate Blanchett for I’m Not There.

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  1. Al Robinson

    This is a great reason why I love the Oscar Podcast, I can learn things. I never heard this story until now. THANK YOU guys!! :-)

    The DGA Awards: Young vs. Schnabel
    Young was ejected from the 2008 Director’s Guild Awards for heckling Julian Schnabel during his remarks. According to a witness, Young had been shouting at the stage throughout the show. After she got really out of hand during Schnabel’s speech, she was escorted out of the venue wearing a white fur coat.
    The day after, Julie Chen discussed the incident on David Letterman’s show.
    Julian Schnabel was onstage about to say a few words about directing his film, Chen said. And he was moved and trying to find the words to say and there were a few pauses. And everyone’s waiting to hear him speak and she said, ‘Get on with it!’ And she just yelled.
    So you’re at an awards presentation and she’s just heckling the winners? Letterman asked. I like that. That’s excellent. We need more of that kind of stuff.
    I hope this starts a trend, he later added. This would be so good if we could look forward to this.
    Young entered rehab the day after the DGA incident.

  2. Al Robinson

    Would Bérénice Bejo have been nominated if Marion Cotillard hadn’t won for La Vie en Rose? Meaning, did Marion open the door for the French actors to get notice?

    • Kai Lor

      I donot think so. French and foreign actors in general have been nominated before Cotillard’s win. I think it’s more difficult for a foreign language performances to garner recognition as American audiences and some voters tend to stay away from subtitles. Still if the performance is truly great ala Fernanda Montenegro and Catalina Sandino Moreno, the possibility of recognition is certainly possible. Or being in a Best Picture Nominated Foreign Language Film does help as well.

  3. I love how Sasha stands up for ‘No Country’ in regards to being one of the best Best Picture winners of all-time, which I agree with absolutely. I know The Playlist/IndieWire did a list ranking all of the 85 winners recently, but I would love to read the list that you guys come up with here. Also, I hate to be that dick of a guy, but the monologue about Ed Tom Bell’s dreM at the end of the film is in the book as well; the context is rather different in that he’s speaking to the reader and not his wife, but the lines in the film are there word for word.

    Also, I goddamn loved ‘Michael Clayton’ but damn me for not coming up with a defense against the ‘Sidney Lumet knockoff’ that you guys level against it – I was just laughing since it’s hilarious, but true. Screw it, I still love the picture though.

  4. Ben Zuk

    Here’s how I would have had it play out in 2007. Although I know I don’t share your enthusiasm for Blanchett in I’m Not There (or I’m Not There in general) or even the highly loved No Country For Old Men which I’ve tried multiple times, but have just never warmed up to- I hope my alternate oscar ballot has some sort of relevance however small and insignificant it may be :-)

    *denotes winner


    Best Picture:
    1. Ratatouille
    2. Michael Clayton
    3. Zodiac
    4. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
    5. There Will Be Blood
    6. Atonement
    7. Lust, Caution
    8. Away From Her
    9. Once
    10. Sicko

    Best Director:
    Andrew Dominik- The Assassination of Jesse James
    Tony Gilroy- Michael Clayton
    Brad Bird- Ratatouille
    Paul Thomas Anderson- There Will Be Blood
    * David Fincher- Zodiac

    Best Actor:
    Chris Cooper- Breach
    Richard Gere- The Hoax
    Ryan Gosling- Lars and the Real Girl
    George Clooney- Michael Clayton
    * Daniel Day Lewis- There Will Be Blood

    Best Actress:
    Julie Christie- Away From Her
    Ellen Page- Juno
    * Marion Cotillard- La Vie En Rose
    Angelina Jolie- A Mighty Heart
    Laura Linney- The Savages

    Best Supporting Actor:
    Philip Seymour Hoffman- Charlie Wilson’s War
    * Tom Wilkinson- Michael Clayton
    Javier Bardem- No Country for Old Men
    Sam Rockwell- Snow Angels
    Chiwetel Ejiofor- Talk to Me

    Best Supporting Actress:
    Ruby Dee- American Gangster
    Amy Ryan- Gone Baby Gone
    Jennifer Garner- Juno
    Leslie Mann- Knocked Up
    * Tilda Swinton- Michael Clayton

    Best Original Screenplay:
    Lars and the Real Girl
    * Michael Clayton
    The Savages

    Best Adapted Screenplay:
    The Assassination of Jesse James
    * Away From Her
    Lust, Caution
    There Will Be Blood

    Best Original Score:
    3:10 to Yuma
    Lust, Caution
    * Ratatouille
    There Will Be Blood

    Best Original Song:
    “Happy Working Song”- Enchanted
    “Guaranteed”- Into the Wild
    * “Falling Slowly”- Once
    “Le Festin”- Ratatouille
    “Beautiful Ride”- Walk Hard

    Best Cinematography:
    * The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
    The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
    Lust, Caution

    Best Editing:
    American Gangster
    The Assassination of Jesse James
    The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
    * Michael Clayton

    Best Costume Design:
    3:10 to Yuma
    * Atonement
    I’m Not There
    Lust, Caution
    Talk to Me

    Best Production Design:
    The Assassination of Jesse James
    Love in the Time of Cholera
    Lust, Caution
    Sweeney Todd
    * There Will Be Blood

    Best Sound Design:
    The Assassination of Jesse James
    * Atonement

    Best Sound Editing:
    3:10 to Yuma
    * Ratatouille

    Best Visual Effects:
    The Mist
    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
    * Sunshine

    Best Make Up:
    * La Vie En Rose
    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

    Best Ensemble:
    * Juno
    Michael Clayton
    The Mist
    Snow Angels

    Best Documentary:
    Crazy Love
    No End in Sight
    * Sicko

    Best Foreign Language Film:
    4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days
    The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
    The Edge of Heaven
    La Vie En Rose
    * Lust, Caution

    Best Animated Film:
    * Ratatouille
    The Simpsons Movie

    Nomination Tally:
    Michael Clayton- 8 (wins 4)
    Ratatouille- 8 (wins 4)
    Zodiac- 8 (wins 1)
    The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford- 7 (wins 1)
    Lust, Caution- 7 (wins 1)
    Atonement- 6 (wins 2)
    There Will Be Blood- 6 (wins 2)
    3:10 to Yuma- 3
    Away From Her- 3 (wins 1)
    The Diving Bell and the Butterfly- 3
    Juno- 3 (wins 1)
    La Vie En Rose- 3 (wins 2)
    Once- 3 (wins 1)
    American Gangster- 2
    Beowulf- 2
    Lars and the Real Girl- 2
    The Mist- 2
    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End- 2
    The Savages- 2
    Sicko- 2
    Snow Angels- 2
    Sunshine- 2
    Talk to Me- 2

  5. The most-visited page on Screen On Screen since I started the blog is…

    a Blue Is the Warmest Colour trailer post. And not just of all time, but every month and just about every week. Sometimes every day too. The post is like a year old. Rly. Srsly.


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