Episode 69 Part One and Two

Our podcast got away from this week. It was not easy pulling it all together, and for some reason 2008 was not the most fun year to talk about. At any rate, it’s divided up into two – the first is current cinema, such as it is. And the second is back to the Oscar year 2008.

Have a listen.

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  1. Winston

    Did I miss the BOYHOOD discussion? I wanted to fast forward and skip thru segments and thought I missed it?!

  2. Winston

    Ugh I think u guys left it out and talked about apes… #annoyed

    • bipedalist

      Yeah sorry – we forgot about Boyhood but did discuss it some in part two! Sorry about that. Should have cut that part out!

  3. I wouldnt call Benjamin Button a box office disappointment. 127 mill for a 3 hour weepie by a director that most audiences werent knowledgable of (far moreso after Social Network).

    I also dont know what you mean by Great Gatsby bombing. It made a ton of $$ (far more than its budget) and received 125 positive reviews on rotten tomatoes(of course, it received 130 negative). But I would not consider GG a critical or certainly a box office BOMB.

    • Al Robinson

      I’m guessing there were a lot of people who already knew of David Fincher before The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. By then, Fight Club was already a cult-like classic, and Se7en almost as popular.
      But I do think you’re right in terms of his Oscar pedigree. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was really the first of his films to be nominated for many Oscars. Prior to that Se7en and Fight Club combined for 2 Oscar nominations.

  4. Philipp

    Craig, please share your thoughts with us. It’s more interesting when you have different opinions on a film.

  5. Oh dear. Kim Jee Woon directed The Good, the Bad and the Weird.


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