While all eyes were on the main stage at the Oscars this year, the winners were ushered backstage for their photo call before making their way into the press room. Every winner came through the room. Here are some highlight of the questions and answers from winners in every categories.

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Well, 2015 was fun. [brushes off bits of crusted blood and debris]

Now then.  Moving on… I’ll be building a wish list today for our annual Most Anticipated poll. Our good friend Chris Price has made the job easier this year by putting together a great list of over 115 titles.  So I’m sure he’s left out your own personal pipe dream.

For a few hours, we’ll feature Chris’s raw list and you’re all invited to suggest additions.  Then we’ll construct an unwieldy poll, and you can click 10 or 12 of the films that look most promising to you.   Most years when we’ve done this we can identify 5 or 6 of the year’s eventual BP nominees, sight unseen.  (Before we congratulate ourselves, consider how this knack is both impressive and oppressive. hmm…)

Check out Chris’s list after the cut and see if you can name a future Best Picture nominee that’s not on it.

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We had a small glitch with our forms early on – so if you think you scored 19, 20 or above and your name is not listed here, please send me your form. As long as you didn’t enter another form after that you can qualify.

Our winner is J Don Birnam, who scored 20 out of 24 correctly.

The runners up are:
Joshua Gannon
Dave L
Gordon Purcell
Caroline Hampton
J.D. Eisinger

Here are the winners of the major categories contest.

Jo Farrell
Ella Donald
Jared Morine
James K Chambliss
Holly Bullamore
Michael Meyers
Brian Caron

Please send us an email to claim your prize. Thank you!


I don’t spend enough time thanking the many readers who have been coming here since the beginning. I occasionally still get emails from you thanking me for what I do, so I thought it was high time I thanked you in return for coming here every year for our annual Oscar party — what with the stats and the meltdowns and the disappointments and the celebrations. In short, you’ve been here for the good days and the bad days. It’s been a pleasure to engage with you for these many years, a quarter of our lives practically, by now. When people ask me whether I hate my job or love my job — there are obviously parts to hate and parts to love. But by far the best reason to stay in the game is and has always been about the readers — you guys — who come here every year to argue passionately about your picks and predictions. I remember each crazy year, believe it or not. We’ve all kind of grown up together.
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A week ago, Hollywood Blvd closed down to traffic as the greatest show on earth, the Oscars, was about to come to town. By Wednesday, the transformation was under way, the red carpet was being rolled out, press slots were being assigned to the world’s media, and upstairs at the Loews Hotel, we were being given a walk-through of  the press room. The Oscars is a black tie event, so even if you’re in the press room, you are required to dress up. It is MANDATORY that you wear formal attire. The Oscar publicity team stress this at the walk through and you’re reminded again of that dress code by email.

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I wish he wouldn't try so hard by going the biopic rout ...
I'm not talking about accuracy; I think most of the aud ...
Al Robinson
Uh oh. That lol makes me nervous. Did you like it? (It' ...
Bryce Forestieri
Saw the revenant again lol
Gabriel Tiller
Yes Best Picture. I genuinely and wholeheartedly consid ...

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Best PicturEBirth of a Nation
Manchester by the Sea

Best ActorCasey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea
Nate Parker, Birth of a Nation

Best ActresS

Supporting ActoR

Supporting ActresS

Nate Parker, Birth of a Nation
Kenneth Lonergan, Manchester by the Sea

Original Screenplay

Adapted Screenplay



Production Design

Sound Mixing

Sound Editing

Costume Design

Original Score

Foreign Language Feature

Documentary Feature

Animated featureZootopia
The Little Prince

Visual Effects



Live Action Short

Animated Short

Documentary Short

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Academy Award®-winning director Oliver Stone, who brought Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, Wall Street and JFK to the big screen, tackles the most important and fascinating true story ...

The news about Passengers coming out of CinemaCon made it sound like a comedy, maybe not aimed squarely at the Oscars. But some further digging indicates that it’s not a ...
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Politics and Cinema


One thing that is astonishing about this year’s presidential race is what it tells us about ourselves, and specifically, what decades of conditioning by animated films, the music industry, the ...
Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 5.46.08 PM

Earlier today, Tim Robbins introduced Bernie Sanders at an event in Wisconsin, probably because the last two Bernie rallies have drawn scant crowds. Now they’re bringing out the celebrities who do ...


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