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The trailer for Asif Kapadia’s documentary, Amy has arrived. Sasha wrote a  review  last week after seeing the 90-minute documentary in Cannes. This time you get to re-visit the trailer based on the life of Amy Winehouse. Using interviews and archive footage as Kapadia gives us an insight into the life of the talented singer.   […]

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Since Pixar and Disney brought Inside Out to Cannes, they also hosted a special presentation to feature several other films coming up in months ahead from the two studios. Their offerings are distinctly different in many respects; Pixar is always going to be Pixar and Disney is always going to ...

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Paolo Sorrentino just hit it out of the park here at Cannes, delivering what has to be the most compelling screening of everything I’ve seen here thus far with the possible exception of Carol.  When it finally came to an end, the audience sat in stunned silence until at last ...

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There are so many people here better at the film festival than I am. They see the right movies. They get in line at the right time. They have the right take on Twitter. They write up a review that is balanced and cautious. I stumble in at the last ...

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There is always that one movie in Cannes. It’s the “child molester movie” or the “father daughter incest movie” or the “Middle=aged women buying favors from impoverished sex workers .” Now we have the “brother and sister incest fairy tale.” That’s really sums it up pretty well, only bookend it ...

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The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced today key dates in its awards calendar as well as a date for the 2016 Golden Globes Awards. The 73rd Annual Golden Globes will take place on Sunday January 10, 2016. Other key dates in the calendar include: Friday, October 30, 2015     ...
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The writing is of course fantastic. The directing will be good. All that’s left is Fassbender as Steve Jobs. That should be interesting. Here’s the trailer.

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Pixar has taken a whole heap of crap for only casting males as their protagonists. The rat, the fish, the robot, the toy and its owner — all boys. The female characters that surrounded them were all richly drawn and memorable, like Eve and Dorrie, to name two but never ...

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Panic set in once I realized I was going to miss the Mad Men finale while in Cannes. Complaining about that, though, is like going to the moon and complaining about having no reading material. You have no problems. You’re in France. By the Mediterranean. About to have champagne in ...

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Apichatpong Weerasethakul returns to the Cannes Film Festival with Cemetery of Splendour. Thai Film Journal: According to Apichatpong’s Kick the Machine website, Cemetery of Splendour (รักที่ขอนแก่น, Rak Ti Khon Kaen) is about a lonesome middle-aged housewife who tends to a soldier with a mysterious sleeping sickness. She falls into a ...

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Variety‘s Jay Weissberg says: Miguel Gomes’ devotees will delight in how “Arabian Nights” takes structural elements from “Our Beloved Month of August” as well as “Tabu” and stretches them even further: Using Scheherazade as the thread to bring together so many tales was a splendid move, allowing for all sorts ...

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You don’t know how hearts burn For love that cannot live yet never dies Until you’ve faced each dawn with sleepless eyes You don’t know what love is – Billie Holiday Into the world of housewives, martinis, long leather gloves, Packards and country homes comes the story of a young ...

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Asif Kapadia’s 90-minute documentary on Amy Winehouse confirms the age old notion that watching self-destruction is like catnip for humans. We love to watch the rise but we even more we love to watch the fall. It’s big business and somehow has become a normal part of our daily lives. ...

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Brazen Mediterranean winds paid the city of Cannes a visit yesterday, announcing their arrival by whipping up skirts, sending plastic cups tumbling across tables, transporting cloth napkins into alleyways and ruining every best laid hairstyle to hit the Croisette. It was divine. Usually these wild gusts of wind herald a ...

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Yorgos Lanthimos launched his career with Dogtooth, a strangely disturbing film about the fears of raising children. Now the writer/director turns his attention to human relationships in a futuristic satire called The Lobster. Why is it called The Lobster? Because Langthimos and his co-writer, fthymis Filippou, smoked a whole bunch ...

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Though I’ve not yet seen the film, it’s all the talk of Cannes that it could be in contention for the Palme d’Or. It’s hard to guess how this jury will vote as each one is a different combination of sensibilities. But it’s worth noting when a film hits like ...

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Woody Allen in Familiar Territory with An Irrational Man If you’re a Woody Allen fan you’ll recognize his dialogue immediately. Pretentious, lofty academics, vibrant worshipful female students coming on to their professors, the constant dialogue between morality and immorality – it is everything we’ve come to know about what occupies ...

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Biting into a green tea macaron on the way out the door from the Weinstein first look party was not quite on the level of Proust’s madeline but it was close. Missing was the wave of childhood memories rushing in. I didn’t have that but one bite was like a ...

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An – a film about sweet red bean paste and the simplicity of happiness Naomi Kawese’s film An, which translates to Sweet Red Bean Paste, is one of the surprises, at least for me, at the festival so far. The film examines the relationship of three unlikely people coming together ...

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One of the most hotly anticipated films of the festival, Todd Haynes’ Carol will premiere in Cannes this week starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. The Guardian‘s Hannah Ellis-Petersen today profiles Carol’s producer, Elizabeth Karlsen: It’s taken more than 50 years to get Highsmith’s seminal – and once shocking – ...

The State of the Race


During out latest podcastof Oscar Poker, Jeff Wells and I contemplated the idea that this could be a year where the Best Picture race might depart from last year’s lineup ...
In this photo provided by the Producers Guild of America, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu accepts the Darryl F. Zanuck Award for outstanding producer of theatrical motion pictures for “Birdman” on stage at the 26th Annual Producers Guild Awards at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015, in Los Angeles. (Photo by John Shearer/Invision for Producers Guild of America/AP Images)




House Of Cards

In a year where the outlook appeared to be barren without Breaking Bad and True Detective in contention, House of Cards began as the default Emmy consensus front-runner earlier this ...





ADTV continues its Making the Case series with today’s entry for HBO’s Silicon Valley to win Outstanding Comedy Series. Clarence praises the shaggy-dog nature of the workplace sitcom and engaging ...
Lisa Kudrow in The Comeback



Show Me A Hero



The new offical U.S trailer for Macbeth has arrived, teasing epic battles. Michael Fassbender plays the menacing Macbeth and Marion Cotillard plays his scheming Lady Macbeth. Filmed on the Scottish ...



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The first trailer for Victor Frankenstein starring Daniel Radcliffe as Igor and James McAvoy as Frankenstein has been unveiled by 20th Century Fox. You know the story, Doctor Frankenstein creates ...


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