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The documentary category is, once again, filling up quickly. Five slots really can’t possibly account for the abundance of documentaries, most of which are better than the feature submissions in any given year.  Look at the overwhelming number of great titles from last year alone. While it dilutes the excitement and ...

The international trailer for Snowden has just been released. The film stars Joseph Gordon Levitt playing the former C.I.A employee who leaked classified NSA information. We don’t get to see ...

Director Paul Feig has shared a new teaser photo from the forthcoming Ghostbusters. Feig tweeted a photo of the brand new proton pack using the hashtag #Whoyougonnashoot #whatyougonnashoot — ...
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Pixar’s new movie, Inside Out made $91 million at the box office this weekend, taking a chomp out of Jurassic World’s second frame. The box office is the second biggest ...

Kids are mean. Anthony Breznican reminds you just how mean they can be with his debut novel, Brutal Youth. Set in Pittsburgh, 1991, before the dawn of social media, Brutal ...

The poster for Johnny Depp’s Black Mass film has arrived. Based on the true life story of James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, Depp plays one of the most notorious gangsters in U.S. ...
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This is the live action movie based on the John Krakauer novel Into Thin Air, which is a must-read. I’m not sure why the IMDb doesn’t have Into Thin Air ...

When a globe-hopping espionage trailer drops at 3 a.m. we might wonder whether it’s meant to feel clandestine or simply a self-aware admission that a movie like Mission: Impossible Rogue ...
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Laurent Durieux was chosen as Telluride’s poster artist. “Laurent Durieux was born in 1970 in Waterloo, 20 km from Brussels in Belgium. Laurent has been an illustrator and a graphic ...

Take a listen to Eminem’s new song Phenomenal taken from the Southpaw soundtrack. The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal who plays a boxer who looks to rise after a tragedy. The ...

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Undated yearbook photo of Hae Min Lee, which  Justin George copied from one of Hae's former teachers at Woodlawn High School.

Sarah Koenig today updated fans of the wildly popular, game-changing podcast series Serial with an update on the new shows, yet another award they won and the recent news about ...

SACD Prize My Golden Days (Arnaud Desplechin) Europa Cinemas Label Mustang (Deniz Gamze Erguven) Art Cinema Award Embrace of the Serpent (Ciro Guerra) Illy Prize Rate Me! (Fyzal Boulifa) Special ...



The Limited Series and TV movie categories are going to be the most nail-biting of the entire Emmy season. They are crammed with excellent entertainment and stacked with insanely strong ...
House of Cards

ADTV discusses the challenges of acting and directing with House of Cards’ Robin Wright House of Cards season four ended with TV’s powerful and ruthless couple Francis and Claire Underwood ...

Does a recent analysis of IMDb’s user ratings of women-centered shows extend to the Television Academy? Earlier this week, stats-based website FiveThirtyEight published a piece that studied the way gender ...

ADTV discusses the challenges of being Empire’s Cookie Lyon with Taraji P. Henson, the woman behind the sass I grew up in the hood, so I know what it’s like ...

Reid Scott talks to ADTV about Veep’s continued success under a new showrunner and Dan Egan’s future in D.C. Veep’s Dan Egan is the most underrated character on HBO’s Emmy ...

Two seismic events happened on TV this week. Will Emmy take a closer look at Vera Farmiga or Emilia Clarke? Naturally, all spoiler warnings apply if you haven’t caught up ...

Producer Stephen Garrett discusses the hot miniseries The Night Manager and its path from novel to film If you’re not watching the critically acclaimed miniseries The Night Manager, then AMC ...

Better Call Saul’s Rhea Seehorn talks with AwardsDaily TV about the acting, scripting, and filmmaking craft behind the smash cable drama When talking to Rhea Seehorn, you’re immediately taken aback ...

Are we ignoring potential major comic actresses in the Comedy Emmy Tracker categories? On this week’s Water Cooler Podcast, the AwardsDaily TV team took a look at the leading candidates ...

AwardsDaily TV talks to Chris Noth about The Good Wife, political marriages, and the next stage in his television career The morning after the series finale of CBS’s The Good ...

Stephen Holt
This looks so sweet...and spectacular. Can't wait!
Gonna be a tearjerker for sure. As soon as I saw 'creat ...
Clarence Moye
Hmm. I never realized how depressing Dory's situation w ...
This is absolutely no contest. Vera Farmiga.

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Manchester by the Sea

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Nate Parker, Birth of a Nation

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Nate Parker, Birth of a Nation
Kenneth Lonergan, Manchester by the Sea

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