Cannes 2014: Two Posters from MacBeth

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Hitfix just posted these character posters for MacBeth with Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard.


Nicole Kidman Does Grace Kelly in Cannes Opening Film

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Grace of Monaco does many interesting things but one thing it won’t do is enable Nicole Kidman to win an Oscar the way Olivier Dehan’s last major film, La Vie En Rose, enabled Marion Cotillard to win for her performance as Edith Piaf. That isn’t going to happen, and neither are many other Oscar nominations, with the possible exception of costume design.  But that doesn’t mean Grace of Monaco is…


Cannes Diary: Being There

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As journalists and bloggers descend upon the seaside town of Cannes in the south of France, the nagging question remains: Why would an Oscar analyst spend thousands of dollars to travel thousands of miles to attend a film festival that has limited influence on the Oscars? First, it’s because our love for movies is a stronger force in our lives than our interest in the Oscars. World cinema doesn’t rely…


Cannes 2014: Olivier Assayes Releases Director’s Statement, Still from Sils Maria

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Posted by Nick Newman over at the FilmStage, Olivier Assayes talks Sils Maria. AwardsDaily is most excited to see this film as it is not only a great chance for Kristen Stewart to shine but it is also an opportunity to see the great Juliette Binoche do what she does best: headline a film. The statement – pics after the jump: “This film, which deals with the past, our relationship…

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First Look at Ben Affleck as Batman

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As tweeted by film’s director:


Diane Keaton, Michael Douglas, And So It Goes

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Cannes Jury President, Jane Campion, on the State of (lack of) Women Directors

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Jane Campion thinks there would be more great stories in the world if women were allowed to tell them. She says that the gender demo in film schools all over the world is 50/50 but that somewhere along the line the line gets partitioned off, women go one way and men are ushered through to potential and greatness. Campion also said that she felt the collective embarrassment when the Palme…


Godzilla Shines Amid Wasteland of Tent Poles

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It’s a miracle when a good movie rises from the ashes and from the Twitter buzz so far it looks that Godzilla is poised to do just that. Despite a pan from TIME mag’s Richard Corliss, and a few lackluster reviews, the monster pic has charmed almost everyone else, especially the key demographic that helps to spread the word, so much so that you could be looking at one of…

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Top Twenty Cinema Mothers to Celebrate Mother’s Day

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How many great moms on film can you think of? They fall into categories. The first is the best kind, the mom who figures out motherhood along the way. There is the saintly mother – Grapes of Wrath, It’s a Wonderful Life. And the evil mother – Psycho, Mommy Dearest. They are all equally wonderful, wouldn’t you say? TIME Mag has a pretty good list. You aren’t born a parent,…


Who Might Play Elder Price in Book of Mormon Movie?

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After finally seeing Book of Mormon recently I wondered two things. The first, wouldn’t it be great if Broadway was infused with this kind of originality again? Instead, it’s become a wasteland of remakes of movies – the same thing is happening to Hollywood, of course, and so many production companies are too scared to take a chance. Book of Mormon stands out for its originality and risk-taking overall.  What…



The Toronto Film Fest unfurls September 4th through the 14th. New York kind of pulled an announcement coup, being the first major North American...

Picture of the Day



Here’s a vintage 1980s thriller nobody remembers because it won’t open till next month. Based on an ’80s espionage novel. Directed by Roger Donaldson...