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Noah Featurette: “Biblical Accuracy”

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Paramount has released a featurette to address concerns about the “Biblical Accuracy” of Darren Aronfsky’s Noah and I’m helping by putting irony quotes around “Biblical Accuracy.”


Cannes 2014: Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars Looks Likely for Cannes

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The Maps to the Stars fan site points us to this video of the fabulous David Cronenberg talking Maps to the Stars and his new novel coming out this year.  Cronenberg is a regular on the Croisette and many outlets are already predicting this film to be one of the big gets.


Richard Linklater Wins Big at SXSW for Boyhood

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By Brandon Engel for AwardsDaily Filmmaker Richard Linklater’s body of work has touched upon a number of fascinating topics: everything from lucid dreaming, to speculative-fiction style dystopian projections of the future, to the subtle non-adventures of teenagers philosophizing and getting stoned in small town Texas circa 1976. In addition to his novel, and typically accessible, concepts, Linklater is also notable for using interesting visual storytelling techniques – for instance, his…


The Big Short Gets a Writer

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Plan B’s production company has hired Adam McKay to adapt Michael Lewis’ book The Big Short. Michael Lewis, if you’ll recall, wrote Moneyball, which Plan B and Brad Pitt made into the Oscar winning film.  Hollywood Reporter indicates that perhaps the feud between Plan B and Paramount over 12 Years a Slave has reached a “detente.” McKay is known for writing the Anchorman movies.  The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine…


Cashing in on Christian Dollars as Noah Attempts Crossover

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When you think about it, it is only liberal Hollywood that has been responsible for shutting out the ever-growing population of Christian, and/or very religious potential movie goers. With purity balls taking place all over the country, the ever-widening exodus away from science and towards creationism, Hollywood would be remiss in not taking advantage of this untapped segment of the population. Enter Noah. Darren Aronofsky’s CGI epic is being sold…

Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore filming 'Still Alice' in Lido Beach, New York

OscarWatch: Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart, Alec Baldwin in Still Alice

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The same directors who made the wonderful coming of age drama Quinceanera, Richard Glatzer, Wash Westmoreland direct Julianne Moore as a professor struggling with Alzheimer’s. Set pics just popped up on JustJared showing Baldwin and Moore in a passionate embrace. IMDB has this listed for 2015 but it’s possible it could be a contender this year. The film is based on the book by Lisa Genova.


Christian Bale’s Name Arises for Fincher/Sorkin Steve Jobs Biopic

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This story reminds me of Ben Bradlee in All the President’s Men saying “WILL SOMEONE GO ON RECORD FOR THIS STORY!?” According to an anonymously sourced exclusive, that could neither be confirmed nor denied, David Fincher’s first choice is Christian Bale play the lead in the Jobs biopic. Okay fine, interesting story, interesting film project but it’s being floated out there as truth with not a lot of there there….


Oscar Podcast Preview: 2002, Chicago Barely Beats The Pianist

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Now that this year’s Oscar season has been put to bed we’re going to be relaunching our Oscar Podcast, finishing out the 2000s. This upcoming episode will be taking a long look at 2002. That was the year Daniel Day Lewis and Jack Nicholson both lost their expected Oscar to Adrien Brody in a surprise upset. It was also the year The Pianist shocked everyone by taking Adapted Screenplay and…


Women Filmmakers & Racial Politcs Dominate 2014 “Rendez-vous Avec French Cinema”

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by Stephen Holt When it seems like Hollywood is never going to budge from its male-dominated ways of doing things, from the making of films to the giving out of Oscars, the annual “Rendevous avec French Cinema” which just wrapped its’ 19th edition in NYC, presented many fascinating films by women directors this year. In fact, more than ever before. I counted ten, nearly half of the two dozen films…


Cannes Wish List, Oscar Crossover

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Cannes and Oscar couldn’t be more polar opposite from each other. To make a sweeping statement about the difference, I’d say that the Oscar race isn’t about the movies: it’s about the industry that votes on the movies. Their choices illuminate who they are, how they’ve evolved, what they care about. Cannes has no such handicap. It is a true celebration of cinema from all over the world without concern…



The Toronto Film Fest unfurls September 4th through the 14th. New York kind of pulled an announcement coup, being the first major North American...

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This looks like it could do some serious damage in the Oscar race, non? Via The Film Stage: