ADTV: True Detective Sticks the Landing

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The biggest mystery for me going into the end of True Detective was how it could possibly resolve itself in a way that would satisfy all of the enormous expectations I’d built up for it after watching and rewatching and rewatching the previous 7 episodes. Turns out it was a wonderful end to a terrific and unique program. I haven’t looked around much to see what the wider reaction to…


True Detective Season Finale Song Uploaded

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If you caught the most excellent finale of True Detective, you’ll recognize this song at the end. T Bone Burnett did the music for the whole series, making it almost like a character in and of itself:


Most Anticipated of 2014, or What We Talk About when we Talk About Oscar Predictions

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The blood is just about dried on this year’s Oscar race but throughout the web are predictions for next year’s race. Yes, already. Here’s the thing. It ain’t rocket science. Early Oscar predictions aren’t some kind of magic formula – so people who brag about those are just fooling themselves. The truth is, the Oscar race is an industry that supports another industry – the film industry.  There is a…


First Look at Dane DeHaan as James Dean

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Anton Corbijn’s new film, Life, starring Dane Dehaan and Robert Pattinson. Says Indiewire, “The film tells the story of the relationship between renowned Magnum photographer Dennis Stock (Pattinson) and Hollywood legend James Dean (DeHaan), chronicling a road trip the pair took which forever changed Stock’s life. And Corbijn is excited about the project, and collaborating with these actors: “When I see Rob I see an inner turmoil that is great…


ADTV – How Will True Detective End?

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“The police do terrible things to people, with impunity.” These are the words from Rust (McConaughey) in episode two of the HBO series. That is probably the key to the whole thing. If you have watched the show up to the last episode, coming Sunday, some of the things I’m about to write might make sense. Otherwise, they could be a spoiler depending on what it is you’re looking for….


New Poster, Trailer for Will Gluck’s Annie

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The Annie reboot starring Quvenzhané Wallis, Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz. Here’s the trailer.


Dear Kim Novak: I’m Sorry You Woke up to the Internet

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A friend of mine used to call life “a bucket of shit with the handles on the insides.” I’m going to appropriate that now to the internet, thanks in large part to the disease of accepted bullying that happens every second of every day here — our formerly dignified selves taking a backseat to the worst humanity has to offer. What Novak experienced the night of the Oscars is an…

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Best Picture Montage

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Created by Chris Santana


Godzilla trailer

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Godzilla is fed up with all your crude ‘Pacific Rim Job’ jokes. He’s also here to show us how a biblical flood wouldn’t bother him a bit. This might be a good place to begin listing our Most Anticipated Films of 2014. We’ll sort the lists into two stacks — Oscar potential and popcorn entertainment — and then put the titles in a poll to see what comes out on…


Contest Winners!

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For the first time ever, we have ten winners in our Oscar contest. I have to say that these are probably collectively the highest scores in this contest in 15 years. It probably has to do with Gravity dominating many of the usually harder to guess awards. These readers missed only ONE category, listed below: Vince Chan – missed only animated short. Bob Tormey – missed only Best Picture. Calvin…



The Toronto Film Fest unfurls September 4th through the 14th. New York kind of pulled an announcement coup, being the first major North American...

Picture of the Day



Here’s a vintage 1980s thriller nobody remembers because it won’t open till next month. Based on an ’80s espionage novel. Directed by Roger Donaldson...