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There is an interesting phenom that has come out of the Academy’s choice to use the preferential ballot with more than five nominees. You almost never see a movie win that people really hated. All of the truly divisive films that have won Best Picture, like Crash or Chicago, did ...

Meg Ryan has been working on her feature, Ithaca, for several years now. So new is she to directing that her IMDb doesn’t even have her or her film listed. ...

The Oscar pundits are kind of like preachers in the old world standing on our pulpits and promising you we can hear the word of god and if you’ll just ...

It’s a Monday night. Beverly Glen. There’s a crate that says Brian Wilson Vibratos. Members of the voting academy and press have gathered at Vibrato Jazz to see a special ...
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Many people keep asking me why I’m not predicting Straight Outta Compton for Universal’s big Oscar play. They’ve had an insanely successful year, with Jurassic World a hair’s breath away ...
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Scott Feinberg talks to the legendary Tab Hunter about the Oscar long listed doc, Tab Hunter Confidential.

The Savannah Film Festival is doing something unique on the festival circuit. It’s giving back to the college that is at the heart of Savannah, Georgia by hosting the festival ...

It is premature to discuss any film winning at this point because essentially we’ve had the appetizers. They were really good appetizers. They might even better than the main course ...

Room is really on a roll — if you don’t think this film is headed for the Oscar race you have another think coming. It already won in Toronto and ...

Michael Shannon has just been nominated for a Gotham Award in the Best Actor category for his role as the ruthless real estate agent, Rick, in 99 Homes. I managed ...

And I hope he takes no prisoners. Ricky Gervais caused much controversy the last time he hosted the Globes but those of us in the cheap seats were snickering along. ...

“Body Team 12,” RYOT Films and Vulcan Productions “Chau, beyond the Lines,” Cynasty Films “Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah,” Jet Black Iris America “50 Feet from Syria,” Spin Film ...

One of the hardest things about predicting the Oscars is predicting the backlash to the predictions.  Human beings are unpredictable because they don’t like being predictable. Level Two Chaos System ...
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Anna Muylaert is a Brazilian director who first became a mother over 20 years ago. At that time, raising a child was left in the hands of a woman, be ...

Well he was fantastic in Gilbert Grape! Then he was sol ...
Josiah Sillavan
Must see! “Male Celebrities who are SO MUCH Hotter and ...
Josiah Sillavan
Must see! “Male Celebrities who are SO MUCH Hotter and ...
Josiah Sillavan
Dare say, sis... All those people you know are better w ...
Josiah Sillavan
Well said, brother ;-)

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Nate Parker, Birth of a Nation
Kenneth Lonergan, Manchester by the Sea

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