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[NOTE: Never Let Me Go is built around a premise that reveals itself gradually with unsettling banality. The circumstances are made clear early on, but if you’d rather discover the situation unprepared then you’ll want to skip reading about the details that any review will have trouble avoiding. This one included.] Never Let Me Go […]

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An American invasion of a foreign country. A battle for hearts and minds. A pacification programme to quell an insurgency. Guerrilla warfare. Firefights. Sound familiar? Well, yes and no. √úber-indie American filmmaker John Sayles winds the clock back to 1900 and the US occupation of the Philippines in his brave new film, Amigo. Sayles finds […]

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Another good post from The Film Stage, this time highlighting a possible list of 25 of the most memorable film openings. You must go and read the post (with links!) but here are the scenes. 25. Inglourious Basterds 24. Vertigo 23. Antichrist 22. La Dolce Vita

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Most of you are waiting to hear anything about Tree of Life so this post counts, in some strange way, as actual news. The Film Stage alerted us to this early reaction of the film by a member of Home Theater Forum: Saw TREE OF LIFE the other night at work and it really is […]
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Don’t want to seem to be obsessing but as these reviews trickle the reactions are all over the map, so here’s another perspective from Variety: Sofia Coppola’s “Somewhere” is a quiet heartbreaker. Trading “Lost in Translation’s” Tokyo hotel for Beverly Hills’ Chateau Marmont, the ever-perceptive writer-director further hones her gifts for ruefully funny observation and […]

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The movie is, arguably, far truer to life than a more obviously scripted account, and there are some nice touches ‚Äì for his “old man” makeup, Johnny has to endure a plaster mould slathered all over his head with breathing holes left for his nostrils. Like some monster or Egyptian mummy, we see him stifling […]

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In advance of its Telluride premiere, Peter Weir’s epic trek The Way Back has already found a distributor. Deadline says the acquisition is a synergistic deal for Newmarket since Newmarket’s parent company Exclusive Media Group provided financing for the film’s production. Newmarket previously handled US distribution for Whale Rider, Monster, The Passion of the Christ, […]

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The question was brought up on Twitter recently whether or not the Academy can deal with sex, specifically gay or lesbian sex and whether or not it effects the film’s so-called Oscar potential. Oscar potential, by the way, is a phrase I’ve always defined as: whether the film is good or not. Nothing else should […]

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Diverse as always, the Telluride Film Festival presents its usual eclectic mix of standout films, foreign gems, and old classics. Documentaries look to have a major focus this year in Telluride. Martin Scorsese and Kent Jones will be premiering A Letter to Elia, a full-length documentary about the late Elia Kazan. Errol Morris and Ken […]
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Dreamworks takes flight with the first FYC inception of the season. Thanks to Kevin K. for the tip via In Contention. An invitation to experience How to Train Your Dragon on the big screen, this promotional calendar is a bold preemptive strike reminding voters to see one of the year’s most critically acclaimed films in […]
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David Gritten at the Daily Telegraph concurs with yesterday’s first wave of praise Every film festival benefits hugely from a strong opening film, and they don‚Äôt come a lot stronger than Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky‚Äôs psychological thriller set in the world of New York ballet. Powerful, gripping and always intriguing, it also features a lead […]
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The State of the Race


Two big movies hit the Oscar race this week. Ridley Scott’s wildly entertaining crowdpleaser, The Martian and Steven Spielberg’s contemplative, cerebral Bridge of Spies. Both films celebrate the goodness in ...


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The 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were handed out tonight and proved HBO total dominance of the current television landscape, wining TV Movie for Bessie, Limited Series for Olive Kitteridge, Comedy ...
Project Greenlight


House Of Cards



Awards Daily TV’s Joey Moser thinks it’s criminal that Orange is the New Black is only nominated for 4 Emmys. Did everyone think that everyone else was going to nominate ...



Lisa Kudrow in The Comeback



Just when I was sitting here wishing we could see more movies like Sicario, John Hillcoat rolls up. A gang of criminals and corrupt cops plan the murder of a ...


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There is buzz about Creed that’s being kept on the downlow. If it really is as good as some people are saying there’s a tiny chance it could crack the ...
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