(Thanks Jon Pace for the insider tip) Coming in May from HBO, Too Big To Fail recounts the catastrophic fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008 and the global aftermath. An all-star cast including William Hurt, James Wood, Topher Grace, Cynthia Nixon, Tony Shalhoub, Billy Crudup, Ed Asner, Bill Pullman and ...

(thanks Kevin K!)

Movieline’s funny tweet about that: “Let’s take a first look at Pixar’s Brave and pretend that it’s coming out this summer instead of Cars 2.” Entertainment Weekly has posted three ...

This highbrow excerpt from a review at is adorned with vocabulary Veda Pierce herself might like to affect. Obscure enough to avoid spoilers for those on the West Coast ...

In anticipation of tonight’s HBO premiere of Toddy Hayne’s Mildred Pierce, here’s a look back at my favorite Haynes masterpiece to date — his voluptuous Sirkian swoon, Far From Heaven. ...

I wouldn’t have even commented on this story but since it seems to be making the rounds on Twitter, and a few of you have written in, I figure why ...

  Twitter has been a-flutter with the news that fresh off of his undeserved Oscar win, Tom Hooper will have a chance to show his stuff when he¬†next takes on ...

Film Detail just tweeted the wonderful new game of Monopoly, Lebowski style. ¬†There are several notable features, like the “It’s already the 10th” square, remembering when Jeff Lebowski was late ...

Beginners was my inspiration for posting today’s poll asking Awards Daily readers to choose their favorite gay films of the past 30 years. Looking back over recent history, especially over ...

UPDATE: after 12 hours, here’s how the first 700 voters ranked the Top 15 Gay Films of the past 3 decades. With 170 titles on the poll, check out your ...

Four-time Oscar nominee Ed Harris will play Senator John McCain in HBO’s Game Change, an insider account of the 2008 election. As we posted several days ago, Julianne Moore will ...

Thanks to Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern for the tip to this Hollywood Reporter article on Nicholas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now — as to the question of whether Julie Christie and ...

Life publishes unpublished photos of the beautiful pair. Click here to see them. One more after the cut.

Still reeling from our loss of a legend. October, 2009: “How to Be a Movie Star: Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood”

Al Robinson
Blue Velvet is fantastic. I must see it again just to t ...
Al Robinson
It's okay, I like being kept on my toes about needing t ...
Al Robinson
LOL! Thanks for the reminder Ryan. I forget sometimes h ...
Alex Goes
No worries. My sarcasm/attempts at wit do not always tr ...
Ryan Adams
DGA List of Best Directed Films of All Time! *(brought ...

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