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Spoutblog’s Karina Longworth takes a long look at how the bloggers themselves have reacted to the latest media guy to jump in the shark tank, Patrick Goldstein, “Journalist Starts Blog; Earth Spins Off Axis, Universe Explodes,” Longworth writes. Goldstein, who writes the Big Picture for the LA Times seems well suited for the blog format […]

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This one found on YouTube I like slightly better than the other one, which I saw on ONTD this afternoon. Diego Luna and Samantha Morton as two American icons: [youtube][/youtube] Second one after the jump.

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Picked this up from All These Wonderful Things, whose author AJ Schnack will serve, once again, as co-chair, along with Thom Powers. They also announced they will present a new award for Outstanding Composing in Nonfiction Film. They have added Their list of qualifying docs after the jump.

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The marketing for Pixar’s Wall-E has been superb thus far. They’ve managed to control who saw the film first (which always devolves into a pissing contest) and I have been wondering for a while now about why they were doing this – why was it not being seen by everyone ...

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A has turned some production photos of the new Ed Harris-directed movie Appaloosa. Harris was last seen directing the biopic Pollock, about the life of the troubled abstract painter for which Marcia Gay Harden won the Oscar in an upset. Appaloosa is taken from a novel and is described ...

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“These individuals are all incredibly talented and a credit to the world of filmmaking,” said Academy President Sid Ganis. “They exemplify the high standards of the Academy and I welcome each and every one of them to our ranks.” The membership policies that the Academy adopted in 2004 in order ...

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[youtube][/youtube] What can I say? I’m enamored, enthralled, and entranced by Mary-Louise Parker. Hotness on a stick. Contrasting Nancy Botwin’s slouching grace with the pent-up anxieties of Type-A control freaks,’s Heather Havrilesky gives us her typically offbeat slant on Weeds, Season 4. Her sharp intro to this week’s column ...

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Apple has posted a beautiful looking Benjamin Button trailer, chock full o’ great shots of Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. Last year it seemed like Pitt and Angelina Jolie were headed for the Oscars, didn’t it? It again seems like it this year, with Pitt very likely up against, oh, ...

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[youtube][/youtube] George Carlin was 29 when Lenny Bruce died in 1966 — the same year he recorded his debut album, Take Offs and Put Ons. He picked up the comedic blaze of scathing social commentary Lenny Bruce had lit, and for the next 42 years George Carlin torched the fucking ...

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The New York Times Magazine spends three days on the set of “Mad Men” with creator/producer/writer Matthew Weiner, and this weekend publishes an 8000-word love letter to the best-written series on television. Weiner‚Äôs achievements with ‚ÄúMad Men,‚Äù which is produced by Lionsgate, are plentiful, starting with the storytelling. Setting it ...

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[youtube][/youtube] Maybe I’m the last person to rediscover this, but in case you missed Kate Winslet’s appearance on HBO’s Extras, here it is. A Ricky Gervais specialty: Refreshingly self-deprecating, with a wink-nudge bluntness that flips the familiar Hollywood facade inside out — revealing a far more fascinating person underneath than ...

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Kate Winslet on the set of The Reader, aged to look like Gloria Stuart. No, not really. JustJared has the photos.

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Former TV Batbuddy Adam West has “only seen bits and pieces” of Chris Nolan’s Batman movies, but he’s unimpressed because, “they’re dark, gothic, sinister, full of explosions.” “Back in my day, we didn’t know what visionary was, and we didn’t care! Back in my day, we tucked our dicks between ...

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[youtube][/youtube] Keith Olbermann: When celebrities and performers get involved in politics, obviously there can be an impact — the obvious example, Oprah Winfrey with Barack Obama. Is there any concern that they sometimes blowback, that it could be hurtful to a candidate or to a cause? John Cusack: Yeah, I ...

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While searching around for images on Will Smith I happened upon this one, from Cinematically Correct, a really groovy site that offers up a scale of greatness from SPAM to Kubrick: This is as vulgar as it’s going to get on Cinematically Correct. It’s not like I typed that word ...

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Anne Thompson talks about actors who can strike while the iron is hot and hang in for a while. The only one in the zone for this summer? Will Smith. It’s true, other than the sudden Scientology association, Smith can do no wrong, is all around beloved and people will ...

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In the classic tradition of mid-century-modern films about crimes and cons gone horribly wrong, the poster for the Coen brothers’ Burn After Reading recalls the stark silhouettes and blocky font of Saul Bass — paper-doll cutouts isolated under jagged lettering, like a ransom note chiseled out of the primary colors ...

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The rules! The rules! Here they are. AMPAS release: Rules Approved for 81st Academy Awards® Beverly Hills, CA –– The governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences approved the rules for the 81st Academy Awards at their Tuesday evening (6/17) meeting. The only significant changes were in ...

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In celebration of their 1000th issue, Entertainment Weekly is putting out their ideas of the best of the best in the past 25 years. And with no further ado, away we go. From their press release: Over the last 25 years, artists have created a body of work that deserves ...

The State of the Race


During out latest podcastof Oscar Poker, Jeff Wells and I contemplated the idea that this could be a year where the Best Picture race might depart from last year’s lineup ...
In this photo provided by the Producers Guild of America, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu accepts the Darryl F. Zanuck Award for outstanding producer of theatrical motion pictures for “Birdman” on stage at the 26th Annual Producers Guild Awards at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015, in Los Angeles. (Photo by John Shearer/Invision for Producers Guild of America/AP Images)




House Of Cards

In a year where the outlook appeared to be barren without Breaking Bad and True Detective in contention, House of Cards began as the default Emmy consensus front-runner earlier this ...





ADTV continues its Making the Case series with today’s entry for HBO’s Silicon Valley to win Outstanding Comedy Series. Clarence praises the shaggy-dog nature of the workplace sitcom and engaging ...
Lisa Kudrow in The Comeback



Show Me A Hero



The new offical U.S trailer for Macbeth has arrived, teasing epic battles. Michael Fassbender plays the menacing Macbeth and Marion Cotillard plays his scheming Lady Macbeth. Filmed on the Scottish ...



Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 8.24.44 AM


The first trailer for Victor Frankenstein starring Daniel Radcliffe as Igor and James McAvoy as Frankenstein has been unveiled by 20th Century Fox. You know the story, Doctor Frankenstein creates ...


Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 7.50.44 AM

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