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Jim Cameron’s Avatar is just a smidge away from toppling Titanic’s domestic box office record, something no film has been able to do since 1997. It is truly astounding, the money. With a $30 weekend take, it shows little signs of slowing down. Those who have seen it once want to return at least one […]

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The NY Post’s Larry Getlen takes a second look at Avatar and sees more in the film than he could have imagined: ‚ÄúThe idiosyncrasies of how people‚Äôs faces work ‚Äî the order in which their muscles flair ‚Äî that varies from person to person,‚Äù says Richard Baneham, the film‚Äôs animation supervisor. ‚ÄúSo for Zoe [Saldana, […]

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Look, folks, better late than never. With Ryan sick and me in the state of moving from one place to another, we haven’t had much time to update today. And I’m someone who cares very little about the Grammys – they award people who sell the most records, for the most part. They bore me […]

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There have been a very small handful of women who have gotten Directors Guild nominations. None had any chance of winning. Sixty two years of awards and not a single woman or black man (or black woman) has ever won the DGA. The DGA is the single most important guild in the Oscar race. Regular […]

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Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker TV Movie: Taking Chance Television Series: Mad Men Comedy Series: Modern Family Documentary – The Cove Musical/Variety – Obama Inauguration Reality TV – Build it Bigger

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(via IndieWire) Grand Jury Prize, Dramatic: Winter’s Bone Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award: Winter’s Bone Directing Award, Dramatic: 3 Backyards Dramatic Audience Award: happythankyoumoreplease Grand Jury Prize, Documentary: Restrepo

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Over at Gold Derby, Tom O’Neil is convinced that Jim Cameron is your winner: “The Hurt Locker” juggernaut sweeping the Hollywood film industry and America’s movie critics right now may be largely isolated to those groups. DGA is comprised of more than 13,000 members who are scattered across the U.S. and don’t necessarily work in […]

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Jason Reitman took to the Oprah Winfrey show on Friday and brought with him some of the folks who had been fired in real life and whom appeared in his film. The site has more in depth writing on it than it used to have, making it a little more like a blog (which […]

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Recently, I had the occasion to speak with Quentin Tarantino (will be posting the interview soon) and I told him that my three favorite scenes in Inglourious Basterds both involved Landa and the way he toys with people.¬†¬† In all three scenes, he starts off charming but by the end becomes sinister. To me, this […]

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I told David Poland I didn’t want to participate in the Gurus of Gold this week because he was doing percentages. My experience awards watching has taught me that even when something is a sure bet, there are large groups of people who have a different contender in mind. I know this by the pre-Oscar […]

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Kris Tapley says that Jim Cameron will take the Directors Guild top prize. He gives his reasons here: The answer is in the populist leanings of the guild, a vast, diluted membership that is TV-heavy, rules against sending screeners (which is a definite thorn for Kathryn Bigelow, whose film pulled down minuscule box office), etc. […]

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This is a pretty handy chart they’ve created over at Entertainment Weekly. There are tabs for each contender. The hardest one to grasp is Best Actress, which is all over the place. Picture and Director after the cut. It’s nice of them to include Boston and Chicago — I generally include LA and NY and […]

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UPDATE: Today’s the last day to vote if you haven’t already. Rob Y has delivered the final ballot to decide the winners of the AD Nominations announced last week. Click through to cast your votes. Deadline to complete your ballot is Friday, Jan 29th.

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Michael Giacchino is the big winner with 9 nominations. FILM CATEGORIES: FILM SCORE OF THE YEAR • AVATAR, music by James Horner • DRAG ME TO HELL, music by Christopher Young • STAR TREK, music by Michael Giacchino • THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, music by Alexandre Desplat • UP, music by Michael Giacchino

The State of the Race


In the last 17 years that we’ve been covering the Oscars the world has changed. The country has changed. Television has changed. The film industry has changed. Here is what ...

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The 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were handed out tonight and proved HBO total dominance of the current television landscape, wining TV Movie for Bessie, Limited Series for Olive Kitteridge, Comedy ...
Project Greenlight


House Of Cards



Awards Daily TV’s Joey Moser thinks it’s criminal that Orange is the New Black is only nominated for 4 Emmys. Did everyone think that everyone else was going to nominate ...



Lisa Kudrow in The Comeback



Directed by Luca Guadagnino, and starring Ralph Fiennes, Dakota Johnson, Matthias Schoenaerts and Tilda Swinton. Rock legend Marianne Lane is recuperating on the volcanic island of Pantelleria with her partner ...


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The Yahoo exclusive trailer at last. Shaping the trailer and narrative is proving somewhat difficult for Sony because the same journalists who side with Bush and CBS on the Mary ...

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