Foreign Language Film Submission: Netherlands’ Tirza

Foreign Language Film Submission: Netherlands’ Tirza

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J√∂rgen’s world is crumbling. Forced into early retirement and harassed by his ex-wife, the only part of his life which makes sense – his beloved daughter Tirza – is shattered when she disappears on holiday in Namibia. After weeks of terrifying uncertainty, J√∂rgen goes searching for her, but the heat, his drinking and bad memories combine to unhinge him. His only ally is a child prostitute called Kaisa. Together they…


Godard may yet accept honorary Oscar in person

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Jean-Luc Godard & wife Anne-Marie Mieville Statement Regarding Jean-Luc Godard‚Äôs Reply to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences In response to Academy President Tom Sherak‚Äôs letter informing him that the Board of Governors had voted him an Honorary Oscar, Jean-Luc Godard has sent a cordial, hand-written note back to Sherak. In it, Godard graciously thanked the organization for the honor and referred to himself as ‚Äúthe fourth musketeer,‚Äù…

Foreign Language Film Submission: Hungary’s Bibliotheque Pascal

Foreign Language Film Submission: Hungary’s Bibliotheque Pascal

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(Official trailer in Hungarian but for those of us who don’t speak Hungarian there are subtitles in Czech.) In order to regain custody of her daughter, whom she left in the care of her fortune-telling aunt, Mona must tell a social worker her story. The tale she spins—and the movie we watch—is a wild, surreal adventure in which people are able to project and enter each other’s dreams, and our…

Jack Goes Boating

Jack Goes Boating, clips & stills

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Jack Goes Boating is a tale of love, betrayal, friendship and grace centered around two working-class New York City couples. The film stars John Ortiz (American Gangster), Daphne Rubin-Vega (Broadway‚Äôs ‚ÄúRent‚Äù), Amy Ryan (Gone Baby Gone) and Philip Seymour Hoffman (Capote), with Hoffman making his feature directorial debut. Bob Glaudini (‚ÄúA View From 151st Street‚Äù) adapted his acclaimed Off Broadway play for the screen. Four clips and s few more…

love & other drugs lg

Love & Other Drugs, poster

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thanks to Monica for spotting the arousing poster for Love & Other Drugs on Canada’s globaltv. Is it a poster or a teaser? Check out the full-length view after the cut and decide for yourself.


Black Swan – Saving the best for last in Telluride

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“I just want to be perfect,” is a line said by Natalie Portman early on in Black Swan. Her strive for perfection will lead to madness in what ends up being my favorite movie out of Telluride, and possibly my new favorite of the year.


The Gurus of Gold Prelim Guesses, Inception Out Front

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You know how it goes: sight unseen best picture predictions seem unavoidable, although I have been detecting an ever-so-subtle shift in attitudes. For instance, Anne Thompson and Erik Childress will only predict films that have been seen on their respective sites. I have always tried to do the same (it makes no sense to predict movies no one has seen; this logic is unavoidable, and yet…) but when asked to…


Natalie Portman courted by Cuaron and Malick

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In the wake of raves in Venice and Telluride for her performance in Black Swan, Natalie Portman finds her supernova star in rapid ascension as she fields offers from upper echelon directors. Last week when Angelina Jolie dropped out of Gravity, it was widely rumored that Rachel Weisz might step in. Word now from THR is that Warner Bros is interested in Portman to star with Robert Downey Jr in…


Black Swan in Telluride

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Five days ago in Venice Black Swan roused audiences to their feet for a 5-minute standing ovation. A surprise screening in Telluride last night has inspired the same excitement stateside. Eric D. Snider, Cinematical Black Swan is a wholly engrossing, almost unbearably tense drama about a fairly mundane thing: backstage anxiety in the performing arts. Countless movies have addressed the same subject, but I feel safe in saying none have…


Inception Blu-ray detailed

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No solid release date yet, but hard to imagine Warner Bros won’t want to have the Inception DVD and blu-ray available in time for Christmas — and in time for Academy members who want to upgrade from their bare-bones screeners. (The Dark Knight theatrical release, July 18, ’08; DVD release Dec 9. Inception theatrical release, July 16; DVD release __?) The photo here shows the deluxe special edition fans in…



The Toronto Film Fest unfurls September 4th through the 14th. New York kind of pulled an announcement coup, being the first major North American...

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Here’s a vintage 1980s thriller nobody remembers because it won’t open till next month. Based on an ’80s espionage novel. Directed by Roger Donaldson...