Godard 2

Godard’s view of 2010 Governors Awards: “It’s not the Oscars.”

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If the Academy Board of Governors isn’t aware of the damage they’ve done to the perception of lifetime achievement Oscars, maybe the reaction from one of this year’s legendary recipients will help it sink in. In hearing how the BoG have dishonored the honorary Oscars by relegating it to a private dinner party, Jean-Luc Godard feels it’s not really worth flying to America for a free meal in a banquet…


The State of the Race: Dream Big

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Being on the Oscar beat for ten years and you learn a thing or two. The one thing that keeps coming back to me as the season begins is how quickly bloggers and critics are eager to give a success or failure judgment to potential “Oscar movies.” It slowly but efficiently breaks my heart every year to watch how films are consumed and tossed like fast food. I don’t claim…

The Illusionist & Sunday In Telluride

The Illusionist & Sunday In Telluride

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This morning I attended Sylvain Chomet’s The Illusionist. It was an unproduced script by famous filmmaker Jacques Tati, and I’d like to think Tati would be happy with Chomet’s work.


OscarWatch: Michelle Williams in Meek’s Cutoff

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By the time 2010 comes to an ambling close, Michelle Williams will have two very good performances under her belt. Blue Valentine, and Meek’s Cutoff. Obsessed with Film, underwhelmed by the film but impressed by Williams writes: Michelle Williams, who is working with the director for a second time, is absolutely, show-stealingly brilliant in her role as one of the travelers. Her face able to register a look of resentment…


New Pics from the Deathly Hallows

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Leave it to Oh No They Didn’t to find these new photos in Empire Mag of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

tall dark stranger lg

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

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…and he will show you his Flickr album. Full-sized after the cut.

rooney mara 1 sm

Rooney Mara saddles up as Lisbeth Salander

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Our first look at Rooney Mara in Dragon Tattoo drag comes in form a thumbnail slideshow from rooneymara.net via comingsoon. (click here to enlarge)


Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours – The Director is the Star

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It’s always interesting to see what directors will do as their next project after they win Oscars. They are given freedom that they sometimes didn’t have before as production companies have more faith in them. In some cases, directors get to do dream projects.

Then take Danny Boyle. Like his movies or not, you can’t deny that he may be one of the more eclectic directors around. He’s done horror, science fiction, romantic comedy, won an Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire, and now uses all his tricks in 127 Hours. While James Franco may occupy the screen for the entirety of the film, its all about Danny Boyle.


The King’s Speech Hits the Right Notes for Oscar

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Apologies to the readers who have been abuzz with news of the King’s Speech’s rave reviews. Variety’s Peter Debruge opens his review this way: Americans love kings, so long as they needn’t answer to them, and no king of England had a more American success story than that admirable underdog George VI, Duke of York, who overcame a dreadful stammer to rally his people against Hitler. A stirring, handsomely mounted…


A.O. Scott applauds 127 Hours & The Way Back

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Not formal reviews on the Times movie page yet — of course, those will wait for the movies to be released — but A.O. Scott has a lot of praise for two of today’s Telluride standouts on this artsblog which give us a clear idea of his enthusiasm. He says 127 Hours made an “unannounced sneak appearance,” a festival tradition, and recaps the harrowing circumstances recreated by James Franco as…



The Toronto Film Fest unfurls September 4th through the 14th. New York kind of pulled an announcement coup, being the first major North American...

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Here’s a vintage 1980s thriller nobody remembers because it won’t open till next month. Based on an ’80s espionage novel. Directed by Roger Donaldson...