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BAFTA will announce their nominees on Thursday, Jan 21. A teaser ‘long list’ was released two weeks ago, providing the titles from which we’ll construct polls for a few major categories today. Cast your votes after the cut.

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Luca Guadagnino’s I Am Love premieres at the Sundance Film Festival this Friday, Jan 22. (click for full size) [I Am Love] follows the wealthy Italian Recchi family as they celebrate the birthday of their patriarch, Eduardo Sr., who surprises them with his pick to succeed him as head of his industrial company. Into this […]

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The new Carpetbagger Melena Ryzik has put up a video worth watching that features an outsider’s insider look, along with a nice interview with Ricky Gervais in his hotel room (believe me, folks, I’ve seen it first hand – no name parts a crowd and grants instant access like those three little words, New York […]

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Okay, CONTEST REDUX — since there were questions about the results, I went back and did my count for a third time to ensure accuracy. And sure enough, there was an error on how I counted the form. I always do it twice to make sure but this time I should have done it a […]

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Quentin Tarantino can’t think like Jim Cameron, telling MTV, “I’m not James Cameron and I could never think like that ‚Äî I don’t think he could think like me either ‚Äî but if I could go into a time machine and think like that and be able to do what he could do, that would […]

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Are you sitting down? THR has some shocking news: James Cameron’s “Avatar” led the list of nominations announced Monday by the Visual Effects Society, scooping up 11. The animated “Coraline,” another movie released in 3D, followed with four nominations. New Zealand-based Weta Digital, which worked on “Avatar,” led the company noms with nine. For visual […]

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Next to Mo’Nique and Christoph Waltz’ speeches, both were lovely, this was high point for me (and Ryan, who suggested I post it):

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Here are the Oscars it will be nominated for: Picture Director Screenplay Editing Cinematography Art Direction Sound Sound Editing Visual Effects Score Song Possibly 11 nods, with screenplay being a question mark. How many of those can it win? Oh, just all of ’em.¬† Walking in it’s already won Sound, Sound Editing, Visual Effects, Picture, […]

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If there was one thing that became certain last night, it’s that Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart, Mo’Nique in Precious and Christoph Waltz in Inglourious Basterds are certain to prevail at next weekend’s SAG awards, and onward to the Oscars. We are still snagged in the Streep versus Bullock race. It feels like a toss-up […]

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The Wonder of Cinema and other bits by the winning team:

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USA Today’s blog PopCandy has some pics of movie goers in China enjoying Avatar – the phenom continues to bring crowds in from all over the world:

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In recent years, the Golden Globes have proved themselves not good predictor of Oscar’s Best Picture, drama. If you subtract last year’s steamroller, Slumdog Millionaire, you will see that the Globes don’t always “influence” Oscar the way one might thing. They are a group of about 100 dubious members of the “foreign press,” whose identities […]

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Best Picture, Drama — Avatar Best Picture, Comedy/Musical — The Hangover Best Director — James Cameron, Avatar Best Actress, Drama — Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side Best Actor, Drama — Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart Best Actress, Comedy/Musical — Meryl Streep, Julie & Julia Best Actor, Comedy/Musical — Robert Downey Jr, Sherlock Holmes Best Supporting Actress […]

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After the cut, a clip from last year — Ricky Gervais.

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The Golden Globed Poll is still open and available for last-minute ballot stuffing, but these are the results we’ll stamp as certified. Complete breakdown in every category after the cut.

The State of the Race


Two big movies hit the Oscar race this week. Ridley Scott’s wildly entertaining crowdpleaser, The Martian and Steven Spielberg’s contemplative, cerebral Bridge of Spies. Both films celebrate the goodness in ...


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The 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were handed out tonight and proved HBO total dominance of the current television landscape, wining TV Movie for Bessie, Limited Series for Olive Kitteridge, Comedy ...
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Awards Daily TV’s Joey Moser thinks it’s criminal that Orange is the New Black is only nominated for 4 Emmys. Did everyone think that everyone else was going to nominate ...



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Just when I was sitting here wishing we could see more movies like Sicario, John Hillcoat rolls up. A gang of criminals and corrupt cops plan the murder of a ...


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There is buzz about Creed that’s being kept on the downlow. If it really is as good as some people are saying there’s a tiny chance it could crack the ...
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