Deadline reports that the Google Movie, as it will be known from here on out, is being brewed about the rise to power from the dorm rooms at Stanford. ¬†The players: Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page: They founded Google on principles like “You can make money without doing ...

Like we’ve been saying for months, Qube is a lock and OBQ/DOALL is so overdue. Beverly Hills, CA ‚Äî The Scientific and Technical Awards Committee of the Academy of Motion ...

The Guardian posted a world exclusive for the trailer for Another Year. You can watch the high quality version over there. Here is a somewhat lower quality version that just ...

Answer 4 tingly little riddles on the viral marketing site for Let me In, and unlock the key to 5 seriously disturbing high res stills. This shot of Chloe Moretz ...

It’s been everybody’s easiest fantasy-casting draft to fill for months and screencrave says this perfect fit might be close to happening. The casting for David Fincher‚Äôs adaptation of The Girl ...

(click to NSFW enlargement) Would you like some trumped-up controversy with your sex and gore? Last week Philadelphia Eagles guard Todd Herreman tweet-and-deleted this: “So.. caught up on Trueblood las ...

Scott Foundas steps forward with a hugely enthusiastic review for The Social Network in Film Comment. This is very rich material for a movie on such timeless subjects as power ...

This week’s official pumpkin ride casts Noomi Rapace as Goth Cinderella in a dress rehearsal test-drive to the Oscar ball. The notion first took root when Nikki Finke reported that ...

Craig Kennedy at Living In Cinema wins today’s scavenger hunt for Hypnotic Suspense. Not sure what to make of this clip, but it’s mesmerizing. Wait — maybe as long as ...
skyline lg

You’re dying to look up, aren’t you? Fine, throw caution to the wind and click away, reckless readers.
The Tourist

This shakes up the holidays with an unexpected jolt of adrenaline, doesn’t it? Reader Sean points out that Sony has upgraded The Tourist to First Class passage with a premiere ...
fair game 2

(thanks to m1)

Through channels that I’m sure are greased in ways I don’t like to think about, The Wrap got their hands on an email that appears to outline all the projects ...

Visual storytelling. In a single shot we see Natalie Portman’s Nina seated at her dressing table framed to suggest there’s a matching compartment of her mind in a cubicle right ...

I don't think Avatar or Titanic are bad choices for the ...
Jeff Beck
The only major mistake I see here is the inclusion of A ...
The Hours is solid, but of course she was supporting. I ...
Al Robinson
I'd be honored. :-)
Ryan Adams
"The DGA could've saved themselves a bit of grief ... ...

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Nate Parker, Birth of a Nation
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