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Claude Chabrol, RIP

| September 12, 2010 | 10 Comments

The Telegraph obit, as linked by Ebert on Twitter, is likely the best online. Chabrol died today at the age of 80. He was, by all accounts, a master, though it should not surprise anyone that he was never nominated for an Oscar. In general, Chabrol avoided what he... (Read More)

Sam Rockwell energizes Conviction

| September 12, 2010 | 27 Comments

Being singled out among a terrific ensemble cast, word for Sam Rockwell’s role in Conviction sounds like the stuff Supporting Actor campaigns are made of. Katey Rich at Cinemablend says his, “every scene in the prison interview room and especially flashbacks gives the film a jolt of electricity.”

A Sad Trumpet Ballad, clip

| September 12, 2010 | 9 Comments

Winner of the Venice Fest Silver Lion and the prize for best screenplay by Álex de la Iglesia. Thanks to Jesus Alonso for finding this clip from Balada Triste de Trompeta.


Toronto Festival Diary: Day 2 and 3

| September 11, 2010 | 23 Comments

On Friday morning I attended a screening of Mark Romanek’s Never Let Me Go. Adapted by Alex Garland from the Kazuo Ishiguro novel, starring Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield, the film attempts to explore many difficult questions about life through an extraordinary story. I had not read... (Read More)


Hereafter Reactions Leaked on Twitter

| September 11, 2010 | 64 Comments

Despite the embargo issued at the time of today’s screening of Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter in Toronto, the Tweets were flying nonetheless. I only read two and they sounded exactly alike (is there a secret club I don’t know about?) and they were negative. More reactions were culled from people... (Read More)

Somewhere Venice

Venice prizes to Sofia Coppola, Ariana Labed, Vincent Gallo

| September 11, 2010 | Leave a comment

Venice Palmares Golden Lion: Somewhere, Sofia Coppola Silver Lion: Balada triste de trompeta, √Ålex de la Iglesia, Special Prize: Essential Killing, Jerzy Skolimowsi. Coppa Volpi (Best Actor): Vincent Gallo, Essential Killing Coppa Volpi (Best Actress): Ariane Labed, Attenberg Marcello Mastroianni Award (Best Young Actor & Actress): Mila Kunis, Black... (Read More)

black swan TIFF

Black Swan swoops down on TIFF

| September 11, 2010 | 10 Comments

Why I am pulling quotes from Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir two days in a row? Firstly, he’s one of few name-brand critics in Toronto filing his instantaneous reaction; and secondly, he’s writing things I like to hear. O’Hehir says Black Swan is “outlandish and melodramatic and spectacular.” Set entirely within... (Read More)

the town vf

Vanity Fair on The Town

| September 11, 2010 | 11 Comments

Vanity Fair‘s John Lopez says the Toronto International Film Fest rings in the “rainmaking clarion call of thoughtful, sophisticated, and artistically ambitious movies,” and singles out The Town as one of the highlights: As a film-lover, you know you‚Äôre in the right place when even commercially minded Warner Bros.... (Read More)

le doulos 2

Scorsese’s favorite gangster movies

| September 11, 2010 | 29 Comments

As the premiere date for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire approaches, The Daily Beast has Martin Scorsese give us an annotated list of his 15 favorite gangster movies. (Before I even look at the list, I can tell you my list will be different from Marty’s by listing Casino, Goodfellas and... (Read More)