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Lindsay Lohan has signed on to star in Manson Girls. She will play¬† the one who stayed home and didn’t go creepy crawling all the way to the pokey. E! got the news exclusively: A source familiar with the deal says that despite the fact that Lohan has had some recent brushes with the law […]

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This one is a couple of weeks late, but it’s too annoying to let slide. You may have seen the TV ads for Horton Hears a Who, proclaiming this jaw-dropping review excerpt: “One of the best animated features of all time!” It’s one of those BILLBOARD-SIZE BLURBS with the teensy-weensy ...

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Scott Foundas apparently thinks the MTV demographic is too dumb to notice Stop-Loss is about Iraq: Paramount, the studio that produced Stop-Loss …has gone out of its way to keep the words “Iraq” and “war” out of the movie’s ad campaign‚Äîeven trying to put the breaks on potentially beans-spilling reviews ...

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(click to enlarge) “We rob banks.” Spent a swell couple of hours last night running from the law with Bonnie and Clyde, after reading Sasha’s suggestion yesterday. I was struck by how effectively Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty glamorized and sexualized shady behavior, turning a couple of heinous low-lifes into ...

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[youtube][/youtube] Trainwreck compelling for about a minute. Then turns tedious. Exactly like an actual Tom Cruise interview.

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Cinematical has exclusive pics of The Fall. The film will be released here in the US in May but did screen at the Los Angeles Film Fest last year.

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It isn’t that big of a surprise that the courts opted out of giving the long-suffering Crash producer, Bob Yari, a retroactive Oscar. Yesterday, the 2nd District Court of Appeals denied the “right of fair procedure” as applicable to this case. According to the AP, “Private organizations can make their ...

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Cinemablend points us to the Hullabaloo on Hulu, aka the Greatest Thing Ever. High quality vids for free. Right now, they are offering you the chance to watch The Big Lebowski. I went digging around Hulu myself and found some nifty Broadcast News clips. High quality. The only slight bummer ...

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I’ve been looking forward to this movie for months, and have tried to keep a lid on my anticipation while the enthusiastic buzz increased to an electric hum the past several weeks. For the next few days I’ll be focusing on Stop Loss as (maybe) the first important release of ...

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¬† Several sources are reporting that Thomas Sangster is set to play the intrepid Tintin in Steven Spielberg’s and Peter Jackson’s motion-capture adaptation of the classic Belgian adventure comic. Everyone is using phrasing like Spielberg and Jackson May Have Found Their ‘Tintin’ and Young Brit Thomas Sangster Cast as Tintin?, ...

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[youtube][/youtube] Bonnie and Clyde – Ultimate Collector’s Edition hits stores on March 25. It seems like as good a time as any to revisit that great flick. Speaking of money shots, there are several great ones in Bonnie and Clyde: the first time Clyde meets Bonnie and takes her out ...

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Good to see a cleancut Johnny Depp with his hair inside a hat for a change. As evidenced below, Russell Crowe’s hair is already acting up a storm, with extensions on loan from Dumbledore. Deranged hair is a perennial Oscar highlight. Demented chopjobs and lunatic fringe were key components to ...

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JoBlo is introducing a new series called The Money Shot, highlighting the best scenes in movie history. First up for them is this scene from Boogie Nights:

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First Showing (via ONTD) has a nice first look at Russell Crowe’s “look” in State of Play. The film, directed by Kevin MacDonald (Last King of Scotland) is described this way on IMDb, “Based on the BBC mini-series of the same title, a team of investigative reporters work alongside a ...

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Filmjerk’s Edward Havens counters the “source” at Ain’t it Cool that Gran Torino is a Dirty Harry movie: 1) A new Dirty Harry movie? Not likely. The hot rumor is that a killer is riding around in a Gran Torino, and the now-retired Harry Callahan is on a mission to ...

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Printed in Entertainment Weekly, link via HE  To Anthony I shall learn to live without you. With all we’ve done and undone with all the missing parts I’ll have to carry on hoping you were the bedrock of fun, the laugh that made me laugh and your hand came with ...

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Due to complaints, I’m removing this post — but suffice it to say that Expelled is a documentary that will not see the light of day in the Oscar race. I will post this and other items relating to it on my personal site, However, if a reader threatens ...

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You don’t have to look that hard for really great blogs on the net.¬† One of the most popular think-sites,, offers up this snippet from writer Michael Chabon about why superhero costumes don’t work: This sad outcome even in the wake of thousands of dollars spent and months of ...

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[youtube][/youtube] Spring is in the air and we are nearing the first phase of Oscar watching, when the Cannes Film Fest rolls out. But April brings some interesting pics and we’ll shine a light on them in hopes of making Spring a slightly more interesting time of the year for ...

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Thanks to Susan for sending this in.

The State of the Race

In this photo provided by the Producers Guild of America, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu accepts the Darryl F. Zanuck Award for outstanding producer of theatrical motion pictures for “Birdman” on stage at the 26th Annual Producers Guild Awards at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza on Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015, in Los Angeles. (Photo by John Shearer/Invision for Producers Guild of America/AP Images)

When this website first began its grand experiment of cracking the code of why some films make it into the Oscar race and why other films don’t, there were three major ...




House Of Cards

In a year where the outlook appeared to be barren without Breaking Bad and True Detective in contention, House of Cards began as the default Emmy consensus front-runner earlier this ...





ADTV continues its Making the Case series with today’s entry for HBO’s Silicon Valley to win Outstanding Comedy Series. Clarence praises the shaggy-dog nature of the workplace sitcom and engaging ...
Lisa Kudrow in The Comeback



Show Me A Hero



From Sasha’s review of Youth at Cannes in May: Paolo Sorrentino just hit it out of the park here at Cannes, delivering what has to be the most compelling screening ...
Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 8.24.44 AM




Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 7.50.44 AM

The Year of the Man marches on with Bradley Cooper in Burnt. Oh look, there’s Emma Thompson propping him up – and look, there’s Siena Miller helping him out. I ...


Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 4.35.04 PM

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